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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by Slinky Bender, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Not as much as the old days, but I'll be around.
  2. moneyshotsnj


    blondekelly spits?
  3. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    thx. Does that mean you'll come around more often?
  4. yep, it's been a while... looks like you've really spiffed up the joint!
  5. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    wow..... ltns.....;)
  6. busy with life is all, for some of us.
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    Slinky has Breasts?
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  9. travis13


    Easy just go for it..........

    Best way to learn is do it...... if you are writing a true review no one is going to hammer you ........ not sure what you are worried about in the adult department.... just try good ole plain english......... no codes about money ... no ***** addys........ the rest is pretty straight forward.......

    Be Careful out there
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    Easy -- you're sentence are a bit run-on, but spelling is good, thoughts are expressed well ... GO AHEAD! What have you got to share?
  11. justme

    justme <i>pop and click tainted</i> Vinyl ( is dead )

    Umm... BMM is like the best writer here.
  12. easygoing


    Busting at the Seams.

    I appoligize for not including this in my previous post. The reason I am trying to expedite my break in period is I am holding a story that I believe people should, or would like, to hear and I would not want to lessen it with concern for grammer, punctuation, capitalisation, censorship, etc...
  13. easygoing


    Hope I don't get into trouble.

    I'm a new member who would love to swap tails but after reading more and more reviews and realizing that I lack the ability to properly relate as well as interpret the writing skills as well as comprehension of the common language that everyone seems to be fluent with. I have been diligently searching for the answers but I am afraid that the harder I try the less I learn. I suppose that I might be forced to attend adult writing classes and that will cut into my playtime! Recently met another member who was slightly more of a veteran to UG, but he seemed to be more illiterate then myself. Maybe this is the reason for the lull? <(Not a question merely a guess)!
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    I've been waiting for this weekend for months.. I just hope with shore houses opening etc. that the availability of talent in the shore area picks up and soon, its slim pickins here now.
  15. naquin


    Nothin' New

    You know,

    I haven't seen a lot of new interesting places pop up lately. The ads tend to be the same, and prices have sort of pissed me off.

    My favorite incall moved to an inconvenient location, so I'm less likely to post reviews.

    Also, sometimes, when you post a review, you end up getting the second degree. Most people are very appreciative -- don't get me wrong -- but there are just enough assholes to make it seem not worth your while.

    I think the lull is a phase. The weather's gettin' warmer. Come to think of it. I may go today after work.

    A nice BJ from a skanky latina....hmmmm
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    that other new nj board

    lots of activity from blowhards over at that other new board. You know the one, the one that seems like it is run by LE. Without a moderator to kick ass, the dorks post on and on and on.

    I swear that place strikes me like a setup.
  17. riskybiz42


    Slink, curious to know.. have you contacted any of the frequent posters that have disappeared or slowed thier posts to few and far between? I'm thinking the decline may be more to the lack of new and quality places cropping up then anything else. Are you hearing that from them? By now everyone knows of the places in Millstone, East Windsor, LH place etc. so the novelty has largely worn off.

    As far as the other place goes it has its moments where there is quality information posted but more often then not its coming from those that migrated from here to there or are still on both. I don't think there is a preference for location to post but for some its just easier to do so there and not have to worry.. did I say something I wasn't supposed to, did I post it in the wrong section etc. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time and I've found that in the rush of getting something posted (in between meetings and such) mistakes can and will be made.

    I personally like the IM capability there, I can quickly share information with the handful of posters that frequent my area for a snapshot post before putting in a full review..... hey I saw so and so from this place today, she's comparable to [insert name of common provider we've seen] she's only around for the day so if you're around I recommend or I don't recommend etc. or Hey zzzz left EE and is now UTR I know you saw her last week, did she give you her #? mind sharing it?

    Sometimes its just easier for the quick hit when there isn't time for a proper review or if I know its a wasted review because its a one day wonder that most will never get to see. Leaving a cryptic message for all might get some banned here and wouldn't be understood by most there.
  18. DaiDaiLun


    Slink-I'm sorry for not donating to this board, but no need to make me the guinea pig for trying to give a "reason" to your question. On a side note, I did "try" to make a effort to contribute financially to this board when Lacey was running that UG special. Unfortunately for your pockets, Tyler was not available for me (and I'm sure Lacey can vouch for this since I'm still trying to hook with her lol)
    Now you're calling me a ass kisser, lol...jesus. you gotta be kiddin' with me. you probably don't lurk the other board enough. find me anything i've said on the other boards that made me look like a kiss ass. i say more and defend this board more than making friends (even despite all your attempts to make me look like a ass here). You make it sound like I'm the only one on this board that checks/posts on other boards. i hate to believe this is a "fact", but you're probably on the "other" boards more than I am. You definitely seem to know more about what's getting posted there more than I do.
    you're right, their spa section is not that active. i never said it was. i'm just saying when u have competition, it's gonna take away some business. If McDonalds was the only fast food joint in the block and then a BK and Wendy's open up, I'm pretty certain that it would take a bit away from their business. Even the diehard McDonald fan would need to try a whopper once in a while.
    I don't even know why you're comparing yourself to other boards. All your rivals have a different niche than UG, so I don't see why you're so concern. Just relax.
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  19. Slinky Bender

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    I guess that's why the Spa section is so active over there?

    Ooops! those nasty facts geting in the way again!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I need a bigger ass kissing toadie section here, then you and the rest of the mamma's boys from The Panty Waste Palace can post some more.
  20. johnnyu


    The B1/VIP thread generated a lot of traffic, but was closed down. That must have hurt traffic....