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Discussion in 'New York' started by Bill Furniture, Aug 10, 2001.

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  1. tomahawk9


    Several years ago I was in the same position as Demigawd, feeling alone and unattractive. A friend gave me a phone number one day, saying simply that I deserved to feel great for an hour. It was the old Bel Aire outcall agency.

    After three months I did call and asked the wonderful phone lady to send over the nicest woman available, and she did. Celeste was her name. She was extremely kind and generous ( the "hour" lasted from 8:30 to 10:15), and somehow I didn't think I was that bad looking anymore. She really helped me.

    Find a great provider or a great house, and Demigawd you've found one in Julie's.
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    In any service business, not just this one, if the "provider" ( i.e. the person collecting the $$ and providing the service ) can not provide a good experience for the "client", it says much more about the provider than the client. This is doubly true in this business, because it is so much easier to have "issues" with what you are doing than in most other fields. While it is easy for the client to feel "there must be something wrong with me", that's usually the farthest from the truth.

    If you:

    a) Are clean,
    b) Aren't a total boor,
    c) Have the funds,
    d) Are polite.

    There basically is no good reason for any provider to make you feel like shit.
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    I felt this needed a separate thread...

    I was at work today, walking the floor while the damned A/C wasn't working right. I thought about the bad time Demigawd had with Chantel and the impression it left on him. l think it sucks. Some single guys who go to see providers don't have much of a social life and some have limited money. This was me at one time. When I went for a session with a lady, I would hope it would inspire me to think better of myself and to be more confident with ladies. A bad experience can lead to an exagerration of the problems that a person is dealing with. Leading them to think something like, "Damn, I even paid her to be nice to me and she wouldn't. How f*cked up am I?" If a provider has that much of a problem with doing what she's supposed to do, then she should pick up and move on. All she's doing is giving herself and others a bad name. I've had bad experiences, but fortunately, I've had alot more good ones, so I'm still in.