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Discussion in 'New York' started by Jimmy69, Jan 29, 2003.

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  1. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    Excellent and helpful review, man! Thanks for it...
  2. Jimmy69

    Jimmy69 My IQ is room temperature

    Yay! Thanks for the "Silver" :D :D

    Now, the first pic is on the NYPress ad, it's not on the site but on the NYPress ad the pic has "" right across it. If you open the site, another site pops up in the background and that's where I got the pictures. This site is, they must be one in the same. When I saw the ad in the NYPress, I knew I had seen that pic up before and fell in lust at first site :p

    The girl I got was either the second pic or looked pretty similar to that girl. Both the pics look the same but the first girl has a bigger bottom, or that's how I see it. The second girl was like the girl I got, thin and tight...

    Happy hunting guys! Please report back with correct names, something tells me this agency has the pics and names all screwed up.
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  3. buddyyy


    The pictures in the post are in fact an url.

    If you quote the original post you can see where they are from.
  4. llc


    I don't see those two anywhere on their website. Where they only available temporarily?
  5. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    With an ass like that, who cares what language she speaks.
    Her body is communicating with my dick right now.
    Great review...keep them coming.....thanx
  6. TuckernotSucker


    You sure lucked out. She looks terrific. Thanks for the revue
  7. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    You did well!

    Jimmy69, Welcome to Silver!:)
  8. jack sprat

    jack sprat

    great job jimmy! terrific review and photo evidence.

    imho they are the same lady.......but if they're not, the one you got looks a lot hotter.
  9. Jimmy69

    Jimmy69 My IQ is room temperature

    Finally took one for the team and was pleasently surprised!

    Last Wenesday I was looking for something new and after my horribly T.S. expirence, I was hungry for a real female, hehe..

    Anyway, I picked up the NYpress in the village and some girls that stood out were from this same toll free 888 number. All their pictures had "" watermarked on them. I saw this one ad for Jimmena and called and asked for info. I was quted the incall would be at 47th and B'way and would be $$$.

    Got to the location, gave them a call back and they gave me the room # and to make sure I had my I.D. I get into the room but the girl who is there doesn't look like the girl in the photo. Doesn't really matter though, this girl, Isabella, is really hot. She's pettite, about 5'1", 100lbs, 34c (enhanced), 22, 34. Dark, very dark tanned skin, big brown eyes, super flat tummy with cuts, dayum! She looks really young, maybe early 20's. There was another women in the room with her and they offered two girl for an extra $ but I only had the fee originally asked for. I showed her my I.D.'s (they asked for two forms) and off when they other (older not so good looking) woman.

    Finally alone, this girl starts talking but I notice she's got a heavy accent. I ask her where she's from and she says Brazil. I began talking to her in spanish and she got real happy that she no longer need to stuggle with english to talk to me.

    She pulls down her skirt and, oh my, what a yummy looking little girl. Nice curves, long legs (for her height), just really super sexy. I began running my hands down her curvy hips, touching her tight little perky ass and plant a big DFK on her and she readily accepted. We were making out like it was high school, I don't think I have ever made out with a provider like that and it seemed to last for a long time. I then run my tounge down her belly and commence DATY. Nice size clit, like most thin girls have, and I was working her so good, she almost screamed when she was climaxing. By the looks of it, I don't think she's had it worked like that her being so young. She was outta breath and very appreciative.

    She then throws a cover on and this saddened me a bit, but I usually don't ask for bbbj with a girl till I've seen her at least twice. That is, if it's not a Julies girl because I know that is the norm at Julies. Anyway, it felt good, even though the cover was on and I was imagining what if the cover was not on, I would have come too soon anyway. Now, she was working me real good too so I had to stop her cause I was about to explode. She mounted me cowgirl and I pumped away all the while DFK'ing really passionately. We switched to mish and I ended like that. All in all it took about 40 minutes and I was totaly satified. New girl, really pretty face, great DFK, I was a happy man.

    I'm definitly coming back to this one, but I want to try the other girls from this agency. I don't know if the bait and switch was intentional or if it was that Jimmena and Isabella sound really similar on the phone? We'll see on my next trip to them. I'm thinking of seeing Jessica, probably not til March though.

    I'll keep you guys posted.

    BTW, this girl is really thin so you guys looking for that full figure, look elsewhere.

    This is who I asked for

    This is who I think I got
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