Open Letter to Rufus

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Eye Won, Jun 26, 2001.

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  1. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    Mea Culpa.....

    Okay Okay...

    I put up a post about the was more like a review of what it was like inside. I stand 110% behind my posting. I understand that we don't want it to become to obvious where it becomes so wide open and talked about that legal authorities have no choice but to shut it down.... but that being said... ...ummmm that’s what we do here... we talk about these places... at least that's why I signed up over here...Otherwise kind of dumb to be here... but...shhhhhhhhh don’t talk about that place.....

    what place...??? I don’t know....... just doesn’t make sense to me....

    Wondering also if that mean Julies... Nicole Rios... and Amanda’s... and all these other places that have hundreds of posts..... should not have been posted....?????

    I'm thinking its more of a selfish thing... heck I hated that other guys knew about this place too cause it means your choice is limited and it isn’t as quick to get a quickie.... so to speak.

    I'm kind of tired...and blabbering right now so please forgive me.... (You can thank a certain LI provider for my condition coming later perhaps)

    Imperial One.... I think you hit the nail on the head... The get togethers are great... and I am glad to have met all the guys you mentioned in your post. I admire the guys that came out to these get togethers... especially when they reach out and open themselves up to make new friends... ROYAL.... I think we met... but there were a few people there that were new so I may be confused by the handle, and know you by your email name only.... please email me tell me who you are.

    Otherwise... I'm planning another get together in Manhattan... Thursday July 19 looks like the target date.....

    Will keep everyone posted...

    John J
  2. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    An Ole Wily Veteran!

    Imp I didn'T know you were that old! "You Talkin to me"!
  3. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Hey Phantom!!

    Yes Sir, I was aware of that, as a matter of fact I was a Jag member myself. I've known alot of these guys for a long time. Alot of us left Jag together, for a better place.
    So thanks for trying to teach me something, but I been around a long time.......

  4. ROYAL


    And the other....

    What do you guys think of TBD's new website format?
  5. Phantom



    Were you aware of the fact that allot of UG members were also at one time JAG members?
  6. un4given


    speaking of Jag... any idea what happened to the site????
  7. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    good idea

    I think thats a good idea Tank, then we can compete with Jag..... It will be a race to the toilet..... the only thing is the members of this board would never let that happan. Two words sum it up.... Good People........

  8. Tankcommander


    You know what? I agree with Rufus...

    Let's close the board from the public, require a lengthy initiation process, eventually charge money for a membership, and then turn this board into a laughingstock.

    I'd like to design the secret decoder-ring and handshake too.
  9. Rufus Moses

    Rufus Moses

    " I wonder what they would say if you asked them about posting about them on the internet?" has no validity since his posts do not contain anything that would be considered a threat to the spot. "

    Well, I am going to present this argument one more time on the assumption that somehow the point is being missed since it keeps being wrongly restated or ignored.

    The point of not wanting Episodes discussed in wide open parts of the internet is *not* that it will tell the cops where they are located.

    And it is not a worry that somehow internet posts will be used as evidence or even guides as to how to set up a bust.

    The cops know where these places are, they know how to get evidence, they know how to set up a bust.

    The threat to Episodes is that it will be so widely discussed, so often mentioned on the internet, so clearly presented to public that the cops will be forced to take action.

    The example I used before. If Episode put a flashing neon sign on the building the cops would bust them. Not because the cops need a clue to find them. But because they can't allow them to be that wide open and public.

    Same thing here. The more Episode is talked about in a wide open internet space, the more likely the cops will act on what they all ready know.

    It is almost a PR thing more than a law enforcement thing.

    And this isn't speculation...internet exposure *has* been the downfall of other places.

    So, while I appreciate your respectful tone, I respectfully have to disagree. Going back to your notion that "his posts do not contain anything that would be considered a threat to the spot" point is that it is the sheer quantity of posts here *regardless of content* that poses the threat.

    And with that *I* am going to stop posting about Episode here.
  10. ROYAL


    I'm glad to see this Issue gettin resolved in a diplomatic Matter, I also feel uncomfortable posting between yall during this BUT..... Being I was the one who offered him the first round(Of Drinks I-1) I do have an opinion.
    I do agree somewhat with the Both of you. Rufus, I understand when there is a good thing goin' it's always in jeopardy when the Minority become the Majority i.e. When a nice underground spot becomes to large and then has to be shut down especially in this No tolerance policy of Guliani.:mad:
    If you read the part I quoted, It is obvious that you are not grasping the point he is making. He states that the people he has brought in he has met within get togethers or other social events. The way you state it, it seems you are saying that he is posting info on the board and bringing in any one who says "Me-Me-Me".He is Not, He knows the people he's bringing and he feels comfortable with his method and his selection, That's his Choice. On all of the posts that I've read he's never put up the address and has stated that he would be going to the spot, so to say "I wonder what they would say if you asked them about posting about them on the internet?" has no validity since his posts do not contain anything that would be considered a threat to the spot. Like I said , you both have points, and both are valid. Now, in no way did I post this in order to keep this issue alive, so I hope it ends here and no one takes offense to my post, if you do I apologize. With that I have 98 pennnies as I've left my 2 cents.;)

    oh BTW....
    I-1. in my line of work E-mail is the primary source for communication and There are alot of e-mails going back and forth all over the country and I'm constantly being told that I have "to much attitude" in my e-mails, so I Definetly feel you ma brotha! I usually respond by asking What fukkin' attitude? :mad:My point is..
    I feel that e-mails cannot be read with the emotion they are written in, What is Written with passion by one, is easily read as haste by another........Now........
    About that first round!:D

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  11. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    I know....

    I knew about you being part of Jag, and I know where you found out about Episodes.. If you remember way back and think you'll figure it out. Can't really mention it here. We spoke a little about it at Episodes but it doesn't matter. Just trying to get my point across. I was really not trying to start shit, but I tend to get a little abrasive sometimes......

  12. Rufus Moses

    Rufus Moses

    I actually don't disagree much. I do think that JAG is less likely to have random web wanderers in it than UG. However, I think my perception of JAG has not kept up with the times. The difference may be quite small to the point of not even mattering anymore. Recently someone pointed out to me that they were able to get access to JAG in only 15 minutes merely by posting a bogus review.

    Back when I ran it (surprise!) JAG had a reasonably controlled membership. No longer. It pains me somewhat to say this.

    So if I was going to shift my position, it would be in the direction of suggesting that Episode not be the topic of detailed discussion on *either* UG and JAG. I want to give this a little more thought, but I'll likely stop posting about it there too.

    It is true that Episode mgmt. likes regulars to bring in new potential regulars. But that is friend to friend networking. I wonder what they would say if you asked them about posting about them on the internet?

    Also, FWIW (not much!) I actually first heard about Episode from somewhere other than JAG. But again, that is really beside the point.

    Thanks for your considered post though.
  13. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Im not trying to fight with anyone,
    But your logic doesn't make sense to me. You don't think it's ok to talk about Episodes on this board because it is an open board. But you do post all over Jag about Episodes. I know Jag is supposed to be a private board, but give me a break. They accept anyone at this point who will shell out the 19.99 a month, plus the fact that they probably have 3 times as many members than we have. I even heard that they had done some advertising. Doesn't seem very private to me.

    I will agree I did jump the gun and I did think you were pointing me out. But let's face it, I'm the one who is bringing in new people to Episodes. The fact of the matter is that I foulnd Episodes years ago on a fluke. You found out about it on another board. Through the years Episodes has been a great place for me. It provides a service that I think would be a benefit to alot of people. The thing that bothers me is that I have spoken to both Renee and Denise about me bringing in new people and they have no problem with what I'm doing so I really don't understand why anyone would.

    This is how it it is....the people on this board all share a common bond and I consider many of them, no actually all of them, friends. As a friend I will share with them this place we call Episodes. I will continue to do this as long as we are having our get togethers. I have met alot of great people (Tank,Slinky,Ozzy,Horndog,John,Ez,Robnotbob, the list goes on and on) and I will meet many more, and if one of my friends wants to get into Episodes, then that's what I'm gonna do. That's what friends are for........