Oriental Massage in AC now International Massage

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  1. It's good to see a place still in business.
  2. primeidiot



    Went to Rainbow on Chelsea lately. Was going to International, but taxi recommended Rainbow's younger providers. What the hell I said, heard it was a pretty new joint.
    Got Michelle.....sssssssssmoking!!! But as I got closer faced is little worn. But the great body, nevertheless. Got the curls with blond hi-lites. Very nice. Block out here face, and you get a 19 yr old. Too bad, the chest were enhanced, oh well......
    Very friendly attitude. TS was very thorough, especially at "Happy's Place"!!!
    Got back to the room, massage very very lame. Very talkative, very GFE-ish with the playfulness.
    I asked for Billy, without talking $, just got down and started to tongue balls and shaft. Got some K-Y and started tickling the rear hole. VERY NICE indeed!!! Put on the coat and got down to business. I really dont like the slurpin sound. Sound too fake. Just HMO!!
    Finished up and cleaned up with hot towel. After, she lay next to me on the bed and kissed me on the cheek and ask if "that felt good". And try to tickle me on the side......like I said......very GFE-ish.
    Overall......$0.6 for the door....and $ for her troubles......Very enjoyable experience.....will return when in AC again.....hope she's still there when I return.

    I guess I am just an IDIOT
  3. madvex


    International, Sun and Clover are all in still operation - all are located in the same general vicinity. Lately, it has not been worth the trip - 99% old, worn out koreans with mechanical approach and attitudes, flat asses, hairy puss and sag tits. Every once in a while a diamond in the rough comes up.. and just as quickly dissappears.

    I hit international over the weekend - 4 am, they had 2 girls working and were turning some clients away saying they were closed. Those who did get in were told, "girl tired... no massage" - what exactly does that mean at a massage parlor? Umm.. well, I guess if you got in, it meant, No TS - just extras - at lightning speed if possible. I walked.

    So, homer - if you hit international, sasha is still there once in awhile and still worth it - even if you have to wait. There is not one other AMP girl I can recommend at all.

    Happy Hunting...
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  4. homerj12345


    I will be making a trip down to AC this week and I was wondering if the places mentioned in this thread are still in business. They sound pretty decent, better than we have here in LI. Anyway, I would like to hear if there are any other ATF's you would recomend. I dont get to AC to often so I am looking for some guidance here. Thanks.
  5. madvex


    Hey dog... What's your usual haunt in AC?
    Should I stray from INT. one of these days and give it a shot ?
  6. misterd


    Discount for Lack of Length??

    Hmm wonder if she would give me a discount for being short on length?
  7. Rickster


    Was in A.C. at the same time that Bear was there for an "oral" convention.
    Was going to go to the spa but saw a cruiser parked a few blocks away and got the heebies. Was staying at the Taj but no action Went to Ceasars and there were 4 ho's at the bar. Sat down inbetween 2 of them and the 1st to talk to me was a woc with a tight body. Smokin! On the left was a 7-8 Cauc. Went with the Woc. Nice action awsome body but slightly musty tuna which slightly killed the mood. Next night at the Taj bar at about 1 Am one hot blond (10) but a bout 35 was hitting up on one dude. He didn't take and she left without looking for other fish.. Next to me was a young Korean , cute but just slightly chunky . Last chance so I went with her. Nice time but she broke the head board. The next night. Nothing anywhere at any bars/casinos, except for a WOC roaming thru the Taj that was so flambouyant that everyone stared at her. A TV???? At about 2 AM went trolling thru Showboat as a last resort. Was leaving when out of the ladies room popped a very young latina who grabbed my arm and said "where's your room." I must have looked obvious with the 10 inch wooden pecker sticking out. At that point, I really was tired and was really just thinking about bed and said so. So she said let me just walk you back to your hotel.
    She did although we did have to dodge the Taj security 2 times. Long story short, had a great time but she wanted to charge me extra for length!!!@!
    Told me that lately there is a crackdown on ho's at several casino, esp. the Borgata. This of course was all in my dreams after eating that nasty chili.
  8. ac_dog


    Nice review Madvex.... I may have to stray from my usual AC AMP and give Sasha a ride on the tube snake... stay safe ....
  9. madvex


    It was actually 290 - and def. worth it. I was actually happy with that price considering that the AMP girls in NNJ will only HJ for 100 nowadays... fucking ridiculous. I actually looked at that price for 2 girls as a bargain!

    I also went back again a couple weeks ago and went for the 2 girl treatment once again. This time I requested Sasha and then told her to get a friend who she was comfortable with to join us - she brought back a cute little k-girl - short w/ a decent body - unfortunately this one looked much better wrapped in lingerie than nude and had a waaay too hairy puss.. when will these gilrs catch on?! Anwyay, I ferget her name which is a good indicator of how good she was... not very. *sigh*

    So, this time Mamasan asked me to pay double house fee for the 2 girl action, which last time I did not pay. I told them, "That's not what I paid last time". But, she insisted, saying "you take 2 girl, you pay 2 girl time". I figured.. OK, it DOES make sense afterall. And, it was also MUCH busier this night, so.. maybe that was the reason. Or perhaps because I never tip Mama, she was getting her just rewards. Who knows..

    Either way.. double house fee was $120 and I negotiated the girls to $100 each. $320 total for this bout. The real problem with this was I had not planned on the extra 60 and was prepared in the "paying pocket" with 290 only. I had MUCH more cash with me, in my other pocket, which they saw me dip into to pay the extra house fee. And even though I was careful to pull out only 20s from there without revealing the entire package, the k-girls saw this and knew I was bullshiting when I said that all I had was $200 during the negotiation with them. *fuck!* I thought.. This may really fuck up my future negotiating ability.

    Anyway.. Had double TS this time which was different.. 4 warm, sudsy hands in all the right places. Then all 3 of us in the sauna with a little play in there, afterwhich it was pretty much same action as first 2 girl scenario, except much less heated this time. The new/2nd girl was far too tentative and had very poor technique and also made alot of fake moaning bullshit which even sounded like bullshit.. I mean, shit - AT LEAST make it sound real if yer gunna make fake sounds! Cripes..

    So, I made them both suck me off one on each side of my cock (BB) wilst I stood, then alternated them each back and forth from rod to balls (CBJ) and also posed 'em both like hot, bendable gumbies and had em both HJ and CBJ me until I messed up both their pretty makeup jobs.

    For 320 it could have been much better.. Sasha put on another excellent performance - her friend - not so much - But, I was not complianing. I got all that I asked for. Next time, I'll just know to try another one along w/ Sasha and pick her myself this time we'll see how it goes.

    Maybe this weekend I'll give it another shot and report back.

    Happy Hunting!
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  10. clicker2659


    RE: madvex

    I see u had a blast there with the 2 girls but 230 for both of them?? that wayyy over my limit.. if i hit the lottery maybe ill drop by and take them both...
    and then the moon turned green...
  11. bear


    In AC for a convention and had some extra time to play. Without calling went to International. Friendly mamasan took me into a room. I fully expected to ask for a line up and in came Zsa Zsa (as in Gabor). Very nice looking, so I was satisfied. She's slender with great shaped B's. Usual TS with a little action, sauna and back to the room. Mediocre massage which was OK because with the little she had on and crappy massage, I knew there was more to cum (yeah, stupid pun). I wanted only oral and her technqie was excellent. It wasn't long before it was over. Nice clean up and a few minutes more feasting on the goods. She said she's been there for 4 weeks. English was good, but she was a little groggy, although pleasant. All in all a nice time with a very good looking chick, and I'm pretty picky. I saw a few others going to the sauna and back and there were others I definitely hit.
  12. madvex


    Superman.. yeh.. that's what she calls me now.. LOL

    Did not see a "Ruby or "Jenny" there... but, I just started going back, so perhaps in the near future I will run across them.

    But, w/ the turnover of these K-girls nowadays, who knows who's there or for how long. Gone are the days of finding an ATF for any good period of time. So, strike while the metal is hot!
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  13. clicker2659


    what a

    review.. man she seems like she loves her work.. just imported from korea??
    oh man next time im in ac im heading there and pay sasha a visit for sure. in previous posts guys said ruby and jenny work there... whats up with them?
    superman?? that my name on *******!
  14. zarathustra88


    Damn, nice reviews 'vex. Sounds like you found a keeper-always loved that name too. I've avoided these joints 'cause they're a little too close to home for me, plus their inevitable forty over the standard asking price. Now, you got me re-considering.Young spinners, convenient AND cost effective! What's not to like?
  15. madvex


    Paid another visit recently to bang the little hottie Sasha.
    Told Mamasan I wanted Sasha.. so in true AMP fashion she sent me some other girl (skank) who got pissed when I sent her away to get the real goods.

    Long story short... I got who I wanted.
    $60 house fee, $140 FS fee asked for, $100 accepted.

    Started with BB licking and sucking, followed by good and extended covered BJ (why one then the other? so fucked up) - Anyway, then into CG, doggie, sideways, reverse CG, standing doggie, mish, squating CG - you name it. I couldn't shoot and was getting pissed off that I was working too much, so I laid down and made her finish me w/ her mouth and hands.

    She was pretty damn good, very GFE (no kissing, but I tend not to kiss whores anyway). Only downside was her pussy was too shallow so I beat the shit out of her uterus for an hour but thoroughly enjoyed seeing her wince in pain as she pounded it.

    Spent almost 2 hours with her - no rush, no exta house fees or tip asked for. Again.. I will return.
  16. madvex


    Review: International SPA (AMP)

    I used to hit this place infrequently under its old name (Oriental Massage) and was always dissappointed with the overall quality of the K-girls, the fact that you were "assigned" a girl and could not change up and the place always seemed dirty and had a strange smell to it. But, I was in AC last night with the itch, so I thought I'd give it another shot - I was VERY pleasantly surprised!

    Name: International Spa
    Location: Atlantic City / 1112 Atlantic Ave (between NC & PA Aves)
    Open: 24/7
    Parking: Off street. Private parking lot behind the building w/ rear entrance(nice to have in AC).

    Parked, rang the bell and Mamasan met me at the door and directed me to a room. The place had no weird smell (like it used to) and was a bit cleaner now.

    Even though I had not been there in at least 6 mos. Mamasan remembered me. I asked who she had working and told her what I wanted (I knew I would not know names but wanted her to understand that I wanted a young, lithe star to do me right). Mamasan indicated that she had "all new girl - young" and would send me a girl - If I was not pleased, tell her and she would send me another until I found something I liked. nice!

    So, I get in the room and get comfy. In walks K-girl #1 "Candy" not great looking but very acceptable for an AMP girl w/ a nice enhanced C cup rack and a little ass. So, I figure I'm cool and no need to change. I pay the house fee ($60) and off we go for the table shower which was standard with good attention to the right places.

    On the way out of the table shower, I spy this other k-girl who passes us in the hall - a smokin' little hottie in sexy lingerie! So I inquire to K-girl #1, who's that girl? She says, "just other working girl". I say.. "well, I want her too." She says, "you want 2 girl?" And I reply, "Yes, of course... but, if that makes you uncomfortable, I'll take her alone". She says, "no problem 2", asks what I want and gives the breakdown on pricing plans indicating $400 FS for both. I say.. "no thanks, I don't want FS, just double action BJ". She quotes me $280, I say, 200, we settle on 230 which I gladly fork over.

    She leaves and comes back in a few minutes with K-girl #2, "Sasha" - Man... what a fucking hot piece of Korean ass too! It's literally been ages since I've seen a girl this hot in an AMP. She looked to be about 19 w/ a beautiful face, perfect body, nice skin, small, natural tits and a hot little round ass with tan lines... mmmm... She spoke barely any english and #1 indicated she'd been in country only a week! Awesome fresh meat!

    As soon as the door closed they both were completely nude and all over me. Massage was not even offered - I was not complaining!

    They started by sucking and biting my nipples and jerking me off in unison, rubbing my thighs, balls and ass while licking me all over 'till I was rock solid - then on w/ the cover.

    They alternated between one sucking me off while the other licked my shaft, balls and ass. Both had excellent oral skills. 4 hands, 2 mouths.. I was loving it. Full roaming was allowed and encouraged by both and I was all over them too.

    Hottie K-girl #2 (Sasha) had such a beautiful pussy and asshole - I had to taste.. so I had her sit on my face while they both worked me with their mouths. What a tight little pussy too! Tasty and very clean.. nicely shaven landing strip (a rarity for these k-girls) 2 fingers was almost not possible in her! She was very responsive and very wet.. her moaning while she sucked me off was killing me.

    I then switched 'em up so #1 was on my face while #2 stood on the side and sucked my balls while I fingered her and squeezed those hot ass cheeks. They wanted me to cum and were working hard to make it happen. But, I was having none of that and was getting my $ and time worth so I kept em trying. I almost came as #2 worked me w/ both hands and her mouth, but I moved her face back down to my balls to stop the eruption.. :)

    #1 wasn't so nicely shaven but had a nice pussy and ass nonetheless and spread it wide with both hands for me to tongue while they worked me over.

    I was going crazy but wanted the hotter girl's ass on my face when I shot. So, after a few more minutes of this, I sent #1 back down to my lick my balls again and brought #2 up to squat on my face and ride it while she sucked me. A few minutes of this action and I was done... I tongue fucked #2's ass like madman while I fingered that sweet pussy and shot off like a volcano.

    Afterward, they both cleaned me up nicely. Then dressed me and brought me to the bathroom, gave me some bottled water and some listerine and washed my face - so nice. #1 said.. "wow, 2 girls and u last so long, you superman! You come back and see again." LOL

    #2 walked me to the door gave me a nice kiss and indicated she works every day.. I WILL be back to try the tight pussy on this one!

    Overall damage: 230 + 60 = 290
    Time spent: 1 plus hours (no rushing at all except them asking me to cum a few times - no expectation of extra tip or any overtime house fee)
    The memory: priceless! I WILL return!
  17. bigcecil


    I almost payed a visit to this place on my last trip to AC, but it seemed seedy & dirty on the outside. Now I wish I would have stopped in!
  18. bomber6989


    I haven't tried Ginza. Maybe the next time in AC.
  19. suddanlyknot


    bombar.. nice post.. I would caution on overpaying.. lots of guys enjoy the barter as much as the act.. $200 for fs.. is cheaper than an agency.. but you probably could have done a little better.. like door fee plus $100.. and said .. you'll do more "next time".. wink.. be safe
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  20. alphagod


    I'm a regular at Ginza. Is the experieince here better than Ginza in your opinion>