osaka spa, SC (I-95 S. of the boarder)

Discussion in 'Carolinas' started by asiaphile_test, Nov 23, 2003.

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  1. asiaphile_test


    Hi, newbie here giving my first review of Osaka Spa just on the South Carolina/North Carolina border. I drive down i-95 alot and i have been to Osaka Spa to get a nice table shower at this AMP. The cost is 50/half hour and 70/hour. My first time was great. the girls are a bit older looking, but after driving from NY i didnt care. My first time i was taken care of when i was told to "roll over" on my back. she whispered 60 for HJ, 120 for BJ and 160 for FS. i told her i had 40 and she agreed and went right to work on the HJ. very skilled, i got off in about 2 minutes. felt great after that long drive. Now, i have gone back since and some of the girls look at me like i am crazy when grab my member and ask if she wants a tip. I even had the same girl that took care of me before, but no go. maybe they have had problems, i dont know. but i will be looking for a new place to rest on my long drives. If anyone can help me out, anywhere on I-95 all the way from NY to FL would be great.