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    Both the girl and the review.

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    Nessa 514-296-8375

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    Had some business up north for a few days and wanted to experience some of the Canadian hospitality before coming home. Browsed BP the last morning during a snow squall before checkout, and came across this vixen. Did some routine checks for authenticity. There are some reliable review sites up there as well, none as structured or as active as UG IMO. Nice mid tier hotel just outside the city, she is discreet and asked that I enter from the rear (no pun intended). Around 200 Canadian Hr. Only restrictions are Greek and BFS. She travels around Quebec and goes to school, so she is not available all the time. Speaks enough English to hold light conversation. Extremely polite and clean, asked that I take my shoes off before entering.
    She opened the door and took my breath away. Quite young and so healthy looking. Beautiful hair, wholesome complexion, mesmerizing eyes. Was dressed in perfectly flattering lingerie. After we undressed she asked me to lay down, immediately climbing slowly on top of me. She came in for DFK and soft kisses all over. I am at full attention. The scent she wore was intoxicating. She took me in her mouth, teasing at first, and then more deliberate. She senses me getting close and asks in the cutest accent, "Let me know when"? I asked if she was going to sw, and she looked up, smiled, and repeated, "Let me know"? I lost it at that moment, she was slow and careful not to spill. Looked up at me and sw, and went back for the rest. Spoke a little about wine, food, and travel. She engaged for another session, and after I was spent. What a wonderful young lady.
    I am now studying French and looking into Quebec real estate. Just kidding. No I'm not... I do look forward to hearing some International sexcation stories from the UG family. Au revoir.

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