Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mercuric1, Feb 24, 2003.

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  1. escortworks


    last season had too much gay stuff in it and everyone gets shanked.
  2. MrJay


    Great show... but a horrible series finale. There was no point or message in the ending.
  3. rollin


    OZ, was a great show.
    I agree that to many loose ends went untied.

    But, somehow I get the feeling that we haven't seen the last of OZ.......
    maybe as an HBO feature movie................?

  4. Mercuric1


    LOL! @ hat remark.

    More observations:

    The way they killed Kareem Said was pretty tasteless.

    The last couple of shows seemed rather rushed, pretty much HBO resorted to killing people off.

    I thought it was cool how they brought back Qweerns (new Warden)

    Why didnt Miguel Alavarez get a chance to pork or even kiss that girl who was visiting him?!
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  5. spanky123


    Yeah that was the COOLEST HAT EVER, i was thinking the same thing about how he kept it on :D
  6. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    Yeah, I'm going to miss Oz as well.

    While I thought the last episode was pretty good, I thought they left too many loose ends as well. I would have liked to have seen an ending where they say what happens to the inmates, guards and such.....meaning in their future lives, whether it be getting out and going on to raise a family or getting shanked.

    While I loved Schillinger, I'm glad Beecher got the final say in that relationship. It would have been an injustice, after all that Schillinger put him through, to see Schillinger ultimately win.

    It was an unexpected outcome to see Chris Keller side with Beecher. Kind of showed that after all the bad he did that he was a helpless romantic when it came to Beecher.

    Its too bad Adabisi was written off before the last season. He was great! Of course the ultimate question went unanswered - how the heck did he keep his knit cap on the corner of his head like that? Glue? Velcro? Gum??
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  7. billyS


    Agreed, show was a let down. All and all one of the best shows ever. Adabisi was my favorite. I really wanted to see Poet die. I just didn't like him. They did nothing with the Italians all night. I think they could have come up with something better.
  8. spanky123


    I saw the last episode and thought it was kind of a let down....it was supposed to be an extended 100 minute show, but nothing happened at all until the last ten minutes or so when everything happened at once and there was too little room at the end to tie up all the loose ends. Well, it was still better than Sopranos this season though IMO.

    Yeah Schillinger was the best! Did anyone catch the episode earlier this season when he finally got to meet with the mayor (his idol/father figure) and all the mayor did was yell at him for being a pussy? Then Schillinger said "i got balls" in an almost defeated voice......LMAO!

    The second funny part of the season is when Robson got spoon raped and they shot right to the credits (funny way to end the episode).
  9. Mercuric1


    I am sure gonna miss that show....Schillinger was the best!