Pa. Police Nab 12 in Prostitution Sting

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  1. Al Kikuras

    Al Kikuras

    Easy $$$ = Easy Pickins for Le
  2. As always, it's good to see all the murders, rapes, assualts, molestations, drunk drivers and all other crimes that truly hurt people have been solved in PA so the police can focus on a business transaction that usually leaves both parties satisfied.
  3. beadman


    Guess the " 125 Roses " and DONATIONS, didnt fool them. Gees.
  4. scottishstud


    Bait & Switch

    I agree with you. Not all of us go to CL for illegal hook ups. Grab em all!!
  5. flabbergasted


    Maybe this will get rid of all the "bait & switch" scammers and turn CL back to what it used to be.
  6. clubber5505


    Fucking Craigslist

    There should be a nationwide ban of CL by mongers, except I'm not sure how that would affect their ability to operate as a website!
  7. Al Kikuras

    Al Kikuras

    The Associated Press
    Friday, September 8, 2006; 5:30 PM

    LEVITTOWN, Pa. -- Police in Bucks County have charged 12 women after an investigation into prostitutes who allegedly have been advertising on the free classified Web site Craigslist.

    After Bensalem police received a tip in August about alleged prostitutes advertising on the site, investigators called cell phone numbers in local listings that advertised "GFEs" _ girlfriend experiences _ asking for payment in "ro$e$" or "125 donations."

    The undercover investigators agreed to meet the women at motels on Lincoln Highway. Almost all of the 12 women were arrested within two minutes, he said.

    Several of the women who were arrested had brought along their boyfriends, and five men were arrested on drug charges, police said.

    "They would meet us under a tree if that's what we wanted," Bensalem public safety director Fred Harran said. "They are blatantly taking advantage of technology to solicit their acts and we are going to use technology to arrest them."

    Similar sting operations have led to prostitution charges against women in states including Maryland, New York, Oregon and New Hampshire.

    Craigslist spokeswoman Sue MacTavish Best said the site cooperates with law enforcement and has a flagging system that allows users to bring prohibited content to the company's attention so it can be removed.

    "Prostitution is not allowed on Craigslist ... any more than tax fraud is allowed by the IRS or speeding by the police," she said, calling the line between a legal escort ad and a prostitution ad "gray."

    The Internet site based in San Francisco is a popular place to post mostly free ads for everything from trips, tools, athletic equipment to other household goods. The site also features places to post opinions