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  1. candie


    free vibrator

    gee, its not a bad add to view.. ahemmmm anyhow, refocusing on what I posted. This gent comes from the west coast where there are zillions of providers. We certainly did chat about his past experiences both good and bad ones. He uses Eros to view girls. I was surprised at that .

    Jake! I never forget ;)
    Richard, those thoughts are so very true!
    dawn, I smile whenever you write ! I thought I was the girl and you were the guy? whatsup with that? lol

    heading to vegas... hoping frankly for january & you need to come to jersey. Should I post a special thread ? I know your busy but well, I want to come over ;). Still havent received my shots from UknowWho. grrrrr. anyhow, miss u... much!

  2. RoosterC74


    Response to Candie Girl


    This seems hard to imagine with all of the past positive information about you. However, I would imagine that some things are out of your control. I agree with you, it would be quite difficult spending quality time, and being open with someone that appears to mistrust you. Perhaps the gent. had several rip-off or mistrusting experiences with providers in the past. It certainly was his loss.


    I've had to deal with situations like that twice, Candie. Once I had a session with a provider and it must have been her very first booking or else she'd done a few others that hadn't gone well, because when we spoke on the phone she asked if she could bring a friend (for an extra fee) and after I declined she kept pushing the point. When she showed up, she was very young (18) and worried about her boyfriend finding out. She disappeared into the bathroom for about 15 minutes, and then when she re-appeared was very visibly nervous. I was extremely kind and courteous to her, and we simply talked for 20 minutes or so until I began to massage her in that very special place. Once she knew I was a decent person, everything seemed to be fine.

    The other time was at a "club" in Europe. The woman was very aloof, and didn't approach anyone. She obviously wasn't happy to be there and didn't want anything to do with any of the men. She was gorgeous, though, and I couldn't help myself. Again, simply being nice made the difference. She later told me that she had had problems with some clients.

    I guess the message, basic as it is, is that being kind goes a long way.


    she came to me..

    candie was a great present.. Could not have been more pleased...
    Hugzz candie gurl whom i adore......
    she was a gfe from my BFE lol
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    YMMV For Candie

    I guess that YMMV is a reality for the provider as well as the hobbiest. The vibes just are not always there. You cannot always be held responsible. And the guy cannot either.
    But knowing you, the once we met. Seeing that smile and that short skirt showing off those fabulous legs, certainly told me that I was going to have a good time. I did and I hope you did too. I am the guy that traveled through 3 counties went over 4 bridges and two states to see you. Although we have not met recently, I certainly hold you in hight esteem.
    You know me as Jake.
  6. Richardrzhpippin


    Paranoid bookings: getting rid of the mistrust

    1) Imagine you were trying to talk to a small child who was afraid to go to sleep because they thought there were boogymen in the closet. You of course know there are no boogymen - the child doesn't.

    2) Adults come in all shapes and sizes - generally however its usually safe to address the problem directly.
    Let the client know you are feeling that there is an issue that is making things uncomfortable - and it is best just to talk about it openly. If you let him know this discussion is "off the clock" and you are willing to take as long as necessary to ensure the quality of the time you are wanting to provide.

    3) If the client is an asshole, a sociopath, or a paranoid personality - there is nothing that will solve the problem and abusing your clit is probably a waste of time....organismic release will not cure clinical paranoia - thats where the Zyprexa, Rispirdal, and Haldol work best.

    My experience tells me that unless you can find a way to manage your own feelings of discomfort in this situation - it is likely there is no way you will be able to help a client with theirs. So, if your not having fun yourself - its probably just not going to be an encounter you'll write about in your memoirs.........
  7. candie


    I had a booking last evening. He had booked well in advance and confirmed a few times as well. When I got there he was all smiles.
    Perhaps due to the room being small but the entire booking I felt like he thought I was there to rip him off. Its a terrible feeling when you feel that. Naturally, it threw me off. I did ask him in a nonchalantly how his other experiences have gone and got my confirmation.
    Night ended well and I hope I filled a tiny piece of restored trust in someone last evening however, my clit is not speaking to me.

    Anyhow, anyone else <providers and clients> deal with a session with the air of distrust? Its not fun :( and I love fun.