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    All good things, seems to cum to an end quite quickly.
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    It was fun while it lasted. I went 2 or 3 times last week and the place was closed.
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    There have been mention of both these clubs in the past in mixed threads but I wanted to isolate them because I saw the potential for on going discussions about them.

    This past Friday I took a little time in paterson and hit my regular spots. Roxxies had the russian dollar parade going and nothing appetizing. For the record the wood doors and thick curtains on the LD rooms have been replaced with sheer black curtains. Nothing is private anymore. Sorry fellas....

    I then hit Docs but the granny parade was all that was out so I left and decided to try my luck at the two new spots.

    First I hit Secrets. Not a bad place, not a good place. It's an upgraded dive bar. Girls were okay. two WOC, one white trash tattooed freaky girl, and one smokin hot tall blonde brazilian. Had a beer and checked out the layout. The LD room is a curtained off area next to the bar. Thick black curtain which the gatekeeper took special care in making sure that it was secure and nothing could be seen inside. LD's are 25. Nothing caught my eye so I left.

    Found Uncle Charlies. This is the old national between Getty and Main off just past Thomas. National was a total dive bar. Actually to call it a dive bar would an improvement. Went in once and walked right out. Well, Uncle charlie upgraded the place. He put new lighting, new bar, two new hot latina bartenders and some very very smoking hot girls to dance on the two seperate stages. One major drawback is the lighting. It's pitch black with the exception of the light above the register and the spots that go on and off on stage. Very hard to see. Be Careful when you tip. Make sure it's a single, not a benjamin you're givin the girl.

    The dollar parade is mild. Girls are mostly latinas and WOC. Two ruskies were in the mix but they were'nt the obnoxious conceited type. They were actually very friendly. The LD room is the back "resting" room for the girls. Their clothes and coats and bags are all over the room. there are 3 chairs for LD's. Several drawbacks to the LD room. No privacy. Its one big room with everything out in the open. secondly, the room is shrewn with clothes and coats everywhere. The good part - the girls know what they can do and the powers that be don't snoop or poke their heads in. I got 2 LDs. First was from a tall thin WOC with nice tits and "smack me" ass. Off came her top and I was roaming like the buffalos on the range and I let me fingers do the walkin to greece once or twice. Next was with one of the ruskies...not bad but the WOC's was better. She let the buffalo play as well but she was a little chunkier than I liked.

    As I was leaving, I saw this smokin hot little latina spinner. Her name was "candy girl" or some shit like that. Tiny little thing, full b cups and tight little ass in a white thong. I wanted an LD but she was goin on stage and I didn't have time to wait. I gotta go back to get some candy......

    Take out is available (readily - if I read the girls right).
    LD's are decent if you don't mind the guy next to you watching

    As for pricing - standard drink prices. Bartender said it was 20 for LDs but the WOC said 10. When we got in, she asked if I wanted the special. i said yes and gave her a 20 and off she went for a good 10 minutes or so. The ruskie was happy about the 30 I gave her for the 15 minutes I spent with her.