Pearl Angel Body Works - Anybody been there?

Discussion in 'New York' started by Photofinish61, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. kingotis


    Well, you can most definitely beat the price. You don't have to go far from this place for $45 an hour plus a 40 buck tip for an absolutely superb massage with UTC roaming during the handjob...

    This thread should probably be on the "Spa" side.
  2. imameathead


    I would like the pick your lady routine that some have spoken about. Where they come out and let you choose. I have only had this once. I usually just get the available girl. On few occasions I have requested a change. 50/50 on request being granted. She's not here today, she's busy etc...
  3. sweetcyberman


    been there, done that

    the place is simple, they do a nice job of being friendly keeping the persona of a rub and tug, with a spin on ample massages. The Place is far from a elegant even though newly renovated.
    you find yourself in a table shower room, that my brother in law built on weekends after a few brews to wake him up. The rooms are cramped bad lighting. As for the talent, friendly and sweet like most Korean run places. It just the typical ho-hum get jerked off place, no extras.

    Lately, I have been finding myself wanting a higher quality place, nice decorations, furnishing ample space, maybe a nice chair to use when putting on my shoes. A choice of beautiful lady's wearing pretty outfits, maybe a nice scent of oils or bowl of flowers placed under the head rest, for ambiance. A nice and simple menu and before you leave a glass of scotch with ice to send you on your way.

    One day I will find my haven, unless some can share a place like this sooner than later.
  4. nycduded


    I went there about a month ago, seemed very busy. Sub Standard facilities but good for the price. Standard RT place, little OTC. Probably will not repeat, but then again if i walk by and i need a release, you can't beat the price.
  5. Photofinish61


    Just as advertised!

    Ok update! I checked the place out this morning. It's exactly as advertised. How refreshing!

    Location on Pearl Street next to Bombay restaurant. There's a sign out front advertising body work with their rates posted. It's $60 for an hour, $45 for the half. I didn't remember the other prices. You have to get buzzed into the building and walk up to the 2nd floor where the mamasan (who is nothing to look at and doesn't do massages - so don't opens the door and greets you before you even get to the top of the stairs.

    I didn't get the girl's name who did my massage, but she was young and pretty, I'd say late 20's, very thin, great ass and a little on top. They make no pretenses of what this is about. House fee is collected up front and the provider escorted me to the room, which was decent sized with walls that go all the way up to the ceiling and a wooden sliding door that closes all the way. No curtains here! They also offer table shower and have a stand up shower, neither of which I took advantage of this time, but there will definitely be a next time.

    The massage was really good. So good in fact, that I was starting to wonder if this was a legit place and there was not going to be a HE. However that thought was quickly put aside when she started the ST and started tickling and teasing the boys. On the flip, I got exactly what was advertised, a nice unrushed HR. Cleanup with a hot towel and she then finished with a nice front massage. I think we went over the half hour. She didn't seem to be watching the clock and they were busy.

    I don't know if there's anything else on the menu, but this is exactly what I want and since I work right nearby, it's a great place to stop before or after work. They're open 9am-11:30pm. There was NO negotiation for extras, no upsell and no stopping to ask for more money after Junior was already aroused. It was a very pleasant experience and I will definitely return. Hope this place lasts!
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  6. Photofinish61



    60 Pearl St 2FL, (Btwn Broad St & Pearl St.) Financial District

    ▶▶ Fine massage, with an unrushed rub and tug.

    Offered by skillful Asian staff.


    4,5:Bowling Green (Close to Brooklyn,Chinatown,Chelsea,Soho,Noho)

    R,1:South Ferry, Whitehall St

    J,Z:Broad St

    We offer:

    ~Body work~~Skin spa

    Foot Reflexology~

    ~Deep Tissue~Swedish or Shiatsu Massage~~

    ~Table shower~

    -- ☎ 212-248-3128 --
    Open: 9:00am ~ 11:30pm (7 days)


    Ok first of all, I did a double-take when I saw "unrushed rub and tug" right there in their ad! I work very close to there, so it's very convenient for me and I was looking for a place to go either before or after work. I think they changed hands and am wondering if anyone has been there recently (since these ads on BP started running).

    I went here a few months ago, when it was just called Pearl Body Work. Same address: 60 Pearl Street. At that time (unknown to me) it was completely legit, to the point that the mamasan, after leading me to one of the curtained off booths, made it a point to say "keep on underwear". The woman who gave me the massage was MUCH older and ugly as hell. It's a good thing there were no extras at that point, because I couldn't have possibly gotten it up. LOL.

    As I said, that was a few months ago. However, this ad just popped up on BP and that line about the rub and tug caught my eye, as well as the line that said "New Management". So I may give them another try, but was wondering if anyone else has been there yet. I will give a review after I visit, but it may not be till next week.