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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by denver, Jul 6, 2001.

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  1. rmj17


    Was there last night. Kinda wondering why they were closed for about 2 weeks. I checked the Bergen Record online, didn't see any mention of LE activity. They claim A/C problems, but last week the phone guy at the Somerset Personal Best location said it was "license problems". Who knows.

    On to the good stuff. Asked for Michele, but she had gone home sick. Have had several good sessions with her in the past (she's been reviewed in other threads: 20's, Russian, not great looking, excellent massage, open minded).

    Last night I saw Monica. Petite, 20's, Latino, B cup, cute. Energetic, but not great, massage. Focused on back, minimal leg massage. None of the exciting teasing that I like. 20 mins into the session, she asks if she should get naked, and it's roll-over time.

    Surprise: BBBJ! But, again, not that great. Fondling tits OK, but other touching off limits (claimed bad time of the month). Finished off with combo russian/HJ, with some hot talk. She said FS available next time, that I should bring my own covers. YMMV. Offered 100 tip, she required 150 (for the BJ). Not a bad session, but not worth it. With the door fee, that's 220, for what amounted to a mediocre massage with a slightly enhanced HR. I was done and out in 40 mins. Next time, I hope to see Michele.
  2. denver


    does anyone have recent info on the girls at Personal best in Lodi?