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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Richardrzhpippin, Oct 28, 2001.

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  1. medicineman23


    My 2 cents!

    I was a somewhat "regular" at the So. Plainfield location as well as Somerset. I stopped going because I started to get hustled at both places. The door fee was never an issue. At So.Plainfield I saw Cindy from time to time who was really great. One time when she wasn't there some fat ugly (IMO) chick hustled me for $ for HR with no touching(not that I wanted to) anyway the service had gone down hill which owners had to be aware of..same thing at Somerset. I always had a great time at Somerset then one day the quality changed & I stopped going. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying...just don't want to be hustled!!!
  2. Richardrzhpippin




    I absolutely agree about the prices - the door fee is
    the real problem....FS or other services are always negotiable with the providers who are more in touch with "going rates."

    PS: If you have a minutes e-mail me - I'd like to ask you a question which discretion dictates I do in private.

  3. DannyNJ


    I've been to both locations and used to be a regular customer at BCC, but what caused me to stray away were the increasing costs. When I first started going to BCC the door fee was $40, and FS could be had for $. A particular favorite at that time was a girl named Katie who I'm sure many remember.

    It's now up to $60 for 40/$70 for an hour. Add this to the fact that the girls who would allow FS ask $$ for that service. That adds up to $$.7 total, and there are cheaper alternatives in Central NJ or by taking the drive to NYC or Philly.

    This is not to take away from the quality at BCC and PB. I'm in total agreement with Richardz that the places are very nice and the girls, for the most part, are very attractive. I just think they need to rethink the prices they're charging, especially when the economy is down.
  4. Richardrzhpippin


    For all the central nj MP enthusiasts - this is a suggestion to support your local MP providers.

    Since Lodi closing, S. Plainfield (Personal) and its sister facility Body Care Center in Somerset, have consolidated their ladies between these two facilities.
    Unfortunately, S. Plainfield (which has new, clean, gorgeous - and spacious facilities i.e jacuzzi's, enviro-capsule etc. has been hauntingly quiet........

    For the gentlemen who really do enjoy an upscale environment with the amenities - this place is a find. Lots of specials available for the cost conscious, less affluent hobbyists.

    Why I am bothering with this on Sunday morning?
    Its simple.....I really do try to support my local friends and community. I support variety; competition is generally good for business...... Don't get me wrong however; I remain an aging but eager full-time "slut" and will travel distances to maintain my good standing.
    However, I really would like to see if we can have some good "openings" in this area instead of just reading about LE and "busts" and closings.