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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by DannyNJ, Oct 8, 2001.

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  1. Slinky Bender

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    "I have no idea what is up GreenDot's butt"

    Don't ask questions that you don't want to hear the answers to.

    "Miss your posts on JAG, Danny and Rooster, by the way.

    (am i allowed to say that without being pilloried?)"



    When are you going to bounce the idiot?"

    I was waiting for him to defend some of the providers which you guys are so rude to ( that won't make sense to most of you, but there's at least one guy laughing his ass off right now....).
  2. njexotics




    This board is here to allow you all the opportunity to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any aspect of our services. To express yourself in the manner in which you did implies that you are neither a hobbiest or a good customer.

    I have dealt with many people in this business and have had my share of bad experiences with customers. Maybe I should set up a board where the agencies can discuss our problematic customers. (I know one exists, but it is poorly maintained).

    I can only say this in my defense (defending against what?): I can either treat my customers like many other agencies, rude and rushed, or I can take the time to make sure everything is right for them. Your choice. I take pride in the way I have developed this business and will continue to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and honesty. Something I am sure everyone but you are concerned with.

    For the rest of you who have posted about our service and our girls, thank you. You have driven tremeandous business to our site and to our phones!

    NJ Exotics
  3. RoosterC74


    Heh Danny-Gunszzz-and GreenDot9


    I would certainly have to say to you-keep it up with your fine posts-and just ignore guys such as Green Dot. Apparently, a bug has flown up his ass or something like that. And try to remember guys that hurt try to hurt others.


    Thanks for your kind words of support. Also, I try to continue to post both on the UG Board and JAG whenever possible. I have really come in contact with many fine people through both Boards. The only reason for the lack of some posts and reviews recently-is that one or two of the current young foxes that I am seeing-would rather not have things posted at times. As is always the case-I try to truly honor the wishes of these providers.


    I refuse to stoop to your level of acting and posting in such a negative manner. I have long enjoyed reading the posts of DannyNJ both on the UG and JAG Boards-and have always found his reviews of providers to be right on the money. In fact, we have been fortunate enough to share in some (and yes-not at the same time) of the same treats (foxy providers)-that are known as some of the best around. And yes-Danny certainly knows how to treat the best providers the correct way.


    When are you going to bounce the idiot?
  4. Gunszzzzz


    And just to add...

    I have no idea what is up GreenDot's butt with his comments, but want to echo that I also support DannyNJ's original post about common courtesy, which is basically what it was, as Rooster pointed out.

    With that said, I had an easy time last night calling ElegantEncounters. Spoke with Keith, (which did surprise me, as I was expecting Samantha to answer), and he was very cordial in explaining who was available.

    (Uh, and in case you were wondering, GD, there was no homosexual innuendos, either.)

    My choice, Dianna, called soon enough afterwards. I also spoke with Samantha afterwards, and although she was having guests or something over her house while on the phone, she too was very nice in explaining the availability of girls later in the week.

    Miss your posts on JAG, Danny and Rooster, by the way.

    (am i allowed to say that without being pilloried?)
  5. DannyNJ


    Hmmmm... should I even dignify this idiot with a response? What do you think guys/girls?

    Or should I just write it off as another pathetic soul whose life is so lacking that they entertain themselves by instigating fights on Internet discussion boards? lol

    (Allen - How many "commandments" does one have to break before they finally get banned from posting?)
  6. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    Kevin's new boyfriend?

    Little DannyNJ can deny it all he wants, but it is clear to me that he is in love with poor Kevin.

    Next time, cut out the middleman and get your little buttboy to give you a hummer, it is obvious that you want him!!
  7. SpaMonger


    In business, a quick "NO" is the second best answer.

    Thanks for your input Danny, we appreciate it.
  8. RoosterC74


    Thumbs Up Danny


    As is just about always the case-I really enjoy reading both your reviews and posts on this Board. And yes, if we are paying our hard earned bucks for a service-then we should be treated in the best possible manner. If not, we certainly both know of a couple hot independents in the area that we can visit and be treated like a king.
  9. DannyNJ


    BillFurniture - Good point. It could have been worse. I was merely trying to point out exactly what Rooster said - they could have made other suggestions, let me know when the two requested would be working, etc.

    Rooster - Thanks for seeing the point. Glad to know that some appreciate shared info on a discussion board.

    GreenDot - How many flushes before you disappear?
  10. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    They were nasty to DannyNJ, but at least they didn't just lie to him and say the girls would be there, then after he takes a trip, tell him to choose someone else.

    Danny, feel free to e-mail me
  11. RoosterC74


    Rather Poor Treatment of DannyNJ


    Maybe, I am missing something here, and that is certainly quite possible. However, it appears to me that the start of this thread by DannyNJ was just to bring the members of this Board up-to-date with a situation that happened involving him earlier this week. If I am reading the original post by DannyNJ correctly, it appears that he was treated in a rather unsatisfactory manner, at a time that he wanted to spend some of his hard earned cash. Perhaps instead of Danny having to make the adjustment in asking for another young lady that resembled Jesse or Ashlyn-they should have said something like-"Sorry-that Ashlyn and Jesse are not available, however, we do have a lovely young lady named ____ that appears to fit into the type of girl that you are looking for. Would you like for me to set something up with her?"

    Again, this is just my opinion and should be taken for only that, but the escort business is just like any other business in a capitalistic society/free market. If the service is poor or less then satisfactory-you take your business elsewhere. Often times, we make opinions regarding customer service during the initial minutes that we come in contact or in Danny's Case speak on the telephone with someone. If that initial response or contact is not positive we tend to spend our hard-earned cash elsewhere.

    In summary-I would like to thank DannyNJ for sharing his experiences regarding this issue with the members of this Board-especially me. You would hope that the group or groups that acted in a less then superb manner on the telephone with him earlier this week-would heed his advice-and begin to act in a more satisfactory manner (especially over the telephone). As an example, I always have found the young ladies that answered the telephone both at Julies and Nicole Rio's to be superb. If a particular provider is not available on that day-they often ask you about your interests in a session-and then make an appropriate suggestion. That is truly the best way to run a business.
  12. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    point is....

    I think once you said I wanted to see Jesse or Ashlyn or they available...
    Get told no...
    and you then say "oh... thank you"
    the conversation sounds as if it is over....
    if you had said okay they are not available... anyone working resembling those two available you may have gotten a different response....
  13. DannyNJ


    ... and your point is??
  14. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    Mr Potential Customer

    i think the operative word here is "potential"
  15. April

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    sorry Danny..........

    The website is being redone and it will explain that for outcall our hours are 8pm on. The phone usually starts getting answered about 7pm. Sorry about the confusion. I'm not there to answer the phones that much these days, but if you EVER encounter someone not being nice I do hope you'll let me know. There is no excuse for not being nice to potential as well as current clients. All numbers have been changed and the banner as well as the website will be changed as well. 718-209-2891/718-209-2892. If its a matter that can't wait till 7pm, or if your looking for incall info, please dont hesitate to call me on my direct line which is 917-523-3947. If you get the voice mail it's probably because I hid the dam thing from myself and am searching for it before it stops ringing. When I find it I'll call ya back ;)
    p.s. Central NJ is admittedly a bit far for us, however we do go there.
  16. njexotics


    Thanks DannyNJ

    Thanks for the compliment. We know exactly what you went through. We do test calls to agencies just to get a feel of the treatment of clients and we must say, many of them are lacking in ettiquette. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  17. RoosterC74


    Response To Danny


    First of all no need to apologize for anything written in your post. I found the post to be an honest assessment of the state of affairs in Central Jersey. I too, reside in Jersey (although a bit further south), and the pickings in the central and southern part of the state are quite slim. It almost forces us to see the special few treats that work out of Philadelphia, the area just south of Camden, or over to the Hill (for a trip to Asia). As for the Big City (New York), since Sept. 11th the traffic has been pretty rough both going in and out.

    I have to certainly agree with you regarding the treatment you get on the telephone from some of these places. It appears at times like they are doing you a favor, and forget that you are paying hard earned bucks for the services they are providing for you. I guess that is why-when the traffic is not a problem-that places like Julies and Nicole Rio's are often safe places for many of us Joisey Guys. I have always been treated with both respect and friendship in both of those establishments. I guess the New York and Philadelphia guys do not realize how well they have it. And now with April's Group working out of the Brooklyn Area-and with the outstanding reviews of both April and Kelly-I truley wish I was closer-and the traffic was better.
  18. nicejohn


    For CNJ spur of the moment... might try the jewels. They usually have incall setup in Edison. I enjoyed their service although their rates have crept up. Surprising in this market.
  19. Casper


    Amber & Friends

    Had similar experiences so I don't take it personally. I just take my business elsewhere. (had posted my experience on the UG board as well)

    Peace Out
  20. DannyNJ


    Just wanted to share an experience today that I thought was worth bringing up. If anyone sees it as being anal, I apologize.

    Found myself with a possible window of opportunity today to get out of the office for an hour or two. I am located in Central NJ, but normally take my hobbying to either Philly or NYC. Being pressed for time, those 2 locations were not an option.

    Of course, there are numerous MP locations in the area - BCC, MTC, etc - but I'm always leery about those places. Mileage varies too much, prices and services are unpredictable, and the risk of getting my name in the local paper deters me from them.

    So I decide that either an Agency or Independent is the way to go. I do some hunting on the web and UG, and narrow down my choices -

    1) I could call CLP and see if they cover Central NJ. I would be very happy to check out some of the girls I've read positive stuff about her on UG.
    2) I could call NJ Exotics ... have seen the website and they're not too far away - Jersey City.
    3) Despite all the negative press received on UG, I could do some self research and call Ambers. I have checked out the website and been curious about seeing either Jesse or Ashlyn.

    First I call the 2 numbers listed on the website for CLP. They've both been disconnected and changed to a new number (I didn't know that). I try calling the new number and get no answer.

    Next, I call NJ Exotics. A gentleman named Kevin was extremely courteous, upbeat and helpful. I asked in particular about Alazay and he said that as soon as I let him know a time, he'd have her there within an hour. I was actually impressed with how friendly and helpful he was!

    Third, I call Ambers. Now let me preface by saying that I've seen ALL the negative things written about them on UG. Hell, they even have a ton of negative shit written about them on their OWN message boards. But I never fully judge an agency or MP until I experience it for myself. So I decide to call. Here's what I got:

    Nasty Girl (answers phone): Hello?? (sounded annoyed right from the get go).

    Me: Hi, I've seen your website and I was wondering if you could please tell me who's available today?

    Nasty Girl: (sighs and rattles off names so quickly that I couldn't understand most of them)

    Me: Oh, well I was particularly looking for Jesse or Ashlyn. Do you expect either of them in today?

    Nasty Girl: NOPE

    Me: Oh okay... thank you

    Nasty Girl: <click> (hangs up, no goodbye)

    Now I ask the group - is this the way to treat potential customers when they call?? Would THIS make you want to be their customer???? Maybe this girl was having a bad morning, but guess what? That's not my problem. I'm a potential customer and expect a little more than that when I call.

    As fate would have it, I got called into a meeting and never got the time out that I thought I would have. If I had, guess who I would have called??

    Kevin at NJ Exotics - Thanks for being a good business man. I look forward to calling your service again soon.

    Amber & Friends - Thanks, but no thanks. Thought I'd give you a chance, but you blew it.