Phoning Julie's for first time appointment

Discussion in 'New York' started by dansmith111, Jan 18, 2001.

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  1. BigBucksNYC


    Basically, calling from a cell won't even work. You need to call from a listed ground line. She is very cautious.
  2. dansmith111


    I note that JulieNYC mentioned that, because of LE, we should call from a listed home or office phone. I am from out of town and, for security reasons, prefer to call with a phone card, even if I am setting up an advance appointment from work. Will this get through? Although I’m not happy with it (the hotel bill lists all telephone numbers called), I could call from my hotel room when I get to NYC, though I would prefer not to do this. Is there any way I can send an email with my work phone (“800” number) for her to call me to confirm who I am? Any other solutions here? I really would like to connect with Julies when I am in town. I also want to respect Julie’s concerns and work with her allaying any fears that I am LE. What can I do?