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  1. extremesex


    Well, I can think of only a few things more important than a girls nipples :)
  2. dela_guy


    Re: Back in 99

    It closed much more recently that '99. More like this past summer. I hadn't heard the part about the owner but it wouldn't suprise me if that was the case. It wouldn't be the first time that kind of thing happened in Philly. I remember Teazers and Tattle Tales on The Blvd well.

    The former manager of PinUps (Tucker somebody) is now managing The Oasis, a new "Upscale Gentleman's Club" designed to compete with places like Delilah's Den. It's located just north of the airport in a much more industrial setting. Don't expect the "neighborhood stripper bar" atmosphere which made PinUps so special.

    It should also be noted that any dancer working in a bar that serves liquor in Philly (as well as surrounding areas evidently) must, at least for the time being, wear pasties. With an impending $800 million budget shortfall staring them in the face you'd think the powers that be would have more important things to worry about than than if a girl's nipples are showing in the local tittie bar.
  3. Howielong


    Back in 99

    It is a sordid tale. I dunno what I can and cannot mention on these boards because I am new. I think I can get away with saying the owner of the place did not kiss the ring and got slammed.
  4. komplex


    When did they close that place!!??