Pink Houses for you and me

Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by peter12, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. peter12



    no bolt ons for either one that i saw in line up

    yes, tiny waist, thin

    attractive about a 7

    i prefer going earlier because they are FRESH !
  2. rodeotofu


    does anyone think showing up later offers a worse selection? do the better looking girls serve the earlier customers? or are they all on active duty all hours of operation?
  3. rodeotofu


    how did the 2 look? any bolt on ladies with tiny waists? is this what the better than lucy comment was referring to? i'll hafta make my way over there
  4. peter12


    stopped in today in the early afternoon.
    fairly new place...
    location is off of vine and on 13th
    nice mamasan
    $.50 fee and $ for girl
    2 to choose from when i was there.
    4-6 at any one time.
    TS was good but not up to C2 standards
    standard time in room which was nice- have had some better but many more worse- i say a 7/10.
    girl did say ( like we have not heard this one before ), "next time as i get to know you it will be even better".

    it was better than Lucy at C2 i can tell you that.
    nice touches of cleaning up including face and feet.
    coke on way out.

    open 10 AM to 4AM.
    mamasan was cooking something in the kitchen... dont know what
    she was very nice but not in debbies league for looks or bod.

    will definitely go back
    it was clean, not a bad location, and i was not rushed