Play it safe- Guys and Girls!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Carl M, Jun 8, 2001.

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  1. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    $175/hr + $100 ea add'l hour ?!?!?!!?

    take notes, girls :)
  2. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Its happened before!

    Candi everyone knows that here on Long Island it has happened before- just in a different form of vengeance. It happened to Val, Brenda, Dawn and others. Unfortunately it will happen again!
  3. candie


    Well while I disagree about your theory CarlM, I am still not straight on the whole ordeal. I know her and she is not the type of provider that gets anyone mad or jealous of her. She was also very sister`lee`like.

    I dont understand about this massage palor when they pointed to her. She had some pictures on their that might of made them want to try and catch her I guess.

    But how could a massage place have that much influence and how come they are not on a board sticking up for themselves AND why arent the clients of that massage place refusing to go to a rat place now?

    The way they wrote the story was concise and deliberate. Totally made no sense to me.

    Somethings not right here and maybe we will never know.
  4. thelastone


    Re: Re: Here is some food for thought!

    Cmon Mercy, people in general are vengeful and petty. This business should be no exception. Ever seen the state of office politics in this day and age? Or politics in general?

    I agree its shitty, but it happens all too regularly. In the normal course of business, its hard to insulate oneself completely from these types of attacks. You just have to be careful. And even doubly so in this industry.

    You can vent on me anytime you want. Hell, I might even pay YOU for it... :D


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  5. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    You hit it right on the head!

    Bill, people do get carried away! You are right!
  6. mercydancer


    Re: Here is some food for thought!

    This is something that I have never been able to understand. If we(providers) are all in this business doing the same thing to make a living,who cares if mary makes more then jane. I can't understand how one can turn in the other.Maybe it's just the biker in me.We don't turn in anyone. Not even our lifelong enemies.
    This kind of crap really gets to me!!
    Thnx for letting me vent.
    Now back to business.
  7. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I guess some people don't like competition, sounds like LI.
  8. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Here is some food for thought!

    For those of you who think LE single handedly caught her- think again!. In my conspiracy theory there were some jealous providers who thought she was getting too big and word was spreading that she was reasonable priced and did every and anything! A provider gave LE everything they needed to catch Debby- what a shame!!
  9. RoosterC74


    Response to Carl

    Thanks for the tip. She certainly was a fine English Flame. A good wake-up call that we all must be a little more careful.
  10. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread