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  1. teeduke


    Re: Re: Second Opinion


    So, don't overspend.

    We're all different. I don't focus my attention on the money.
  2. genius


    Re: Second Opinion

    A good negotiator (as opposed to a tough negotiator) always tries to enter into a deal where both sides feel they are being treated fairly, (WIN-WIN). The economy and supply and demand will take care of the going rate. I just dont want to spend more than that w/o a corresponding increase in services.
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  3. teeduke


    Second Opinion


    For me, this hobby isn't really about economics. It all comes down to the quality of the experience. And whether I leave feeling great ... or as if I'd been had.

    Part of my enjoyment in hobbying at AMPs—other than my regular spots— comes from the simple adventure of it: The uncertainty of what the experience will be like is a big part of the appeal. Anticipating what might happen next during a session can be exciting. And a good part of what will happen depends on (surpise!) chemistry. Hitting it off with a provider is key. So if you think you can walk into an AMP or any business and come on like a tough negotiator, bargaining your way down to a bargain basement price, with no resentment on the part of the provider, I wish you luck. I'm afraid you're not likely to get much of an experience for your money.

    If you get your kicks from economics, hey, knock yourself out. I prefer to get mine from chemistry.
  4. genius


    Price will decline when the profits from lower prices exceeds that of the profit from higher prices. e.g 10 customers at 50 profit each is not better than 6 customers at 100 each and the price will not decline. But 10 customers at 50 profit each is better than 4 customers at 100 each and the price will decline (numbers I picked are arbitrary and used for ease of math)

    The total customer base (and not just us UG'ers) plus the supply will determine the "correct" price point. Just basic economics. The customer base shrinks(less money to spend, out of work etc) during bad economic times and supply increases (less opportunity elsewhere to earn a living). Note: big assumption: LE can affect supply and demand.

    Its really much bigger than a bunch of UG'ers organizing to try to drive down prices.
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  5. Eugene


    Gill Bates.

    Love your name...
    We can't give a one cent tip - has to be 25 cents...
  6. Gill Bates

    Gill Bates

    Mathematically speaking, earning anything more than zero is infinitely greater than nothing, not just 60%. Even just for a penny. Hmm, next time I'll tip someone a pretty penny instead.
  7. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    Very well said mythtracer...we all need to keep this in mind during our AMP visits, and help each other out...
  8. sisco


    I think I read that same quote in a Hallmark card once. Let the prices decline!!!
  9. Asianboy


    Amen to that!! Nowadays, only $ or less at these Flushing Amps for me!
  10. Gimbotank


    One thing I always keep in mind when visiting an AMP (excluding the most heavily trafficked ones) is that prior to my arrival the "girls" were most likely sitting in a small back room watching TV or dozing off (i.e. earning nothing). So when they quote a high price for services they are simply trying to leverage the "sucker factor" to see if they can get me to pay a high enough price to compensate for non-earning downtime. However, if I completely refuse their price and walk out they have shot themselves in the foot. Earning $60-$80 on the desired $100-$120 is sill 60% greater than nothing. So, while they may put on a display of histrionics lamenting how they “ALWAYS” receive more money I never let myself forget they are hookers plain and simple. It should not be particularly important to me if they feel “validated” by my offering price as self-respect is most likely a virtue that long ago fell by the wayside. Be firm and negotiate politely and everyone will hopefully benefit form the market price dropping to saner (pre 90’s) levels