Possible Provider for Long Island?

Discussion in 'New York' started by Eye Won, Jun 1, 2001.

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  1. thelastone


    your friend

    just to throw in,

    I must agree with the general response of this thread. It doesn't seem to be a good idea. At 19, what the hell did any of us know? One bad experience doing something like this would have tremendous effects. Not to mention your own guilt.

    However, jmp does have a pretty good suggestion. Bring her to the get together. I'm sure there will be plenty of ladies there that will be more than happy to talk to her.

    But it comes down to her. If she really wants to do it, then shes gonna do it regardless. Hell, at 19, I did what I wanted and nobody could tell me otherwise. At that age its tough to temper your decisions with any wisdom, because you don't have any.

    She should do as much research and self analysis as possible. If she really wants to get started, then the group get together would also be pretty good, she can start her client list there as well...

    just my 2 pesos.
  2. nj george

    nj george

    tucker...i suggested in my above post to contact as many providers as possible to get an idea of what to expect. honestly, i don't think that don't this is a good idea for her but if she is going to do it, she should do it the right way.
  3. TuckernotSucker



    How come no one has suggested that she be put into contact with Candie and Mercy. They for sure can tell her what to expect and then she could make a choice. Of couse I believe that candie and mercy might have to be tied up when they talk to her.
  4. ew

    ew Silver

    I'm of the "bad idea" school.
  5. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    I appreciate your trying to put into words , what I failed to achieve. Your agreement and willingness to look into what someone is trying to express is refreshing given that some folks are all to bent on a snappy, snide retorts instead of trying for dialogue.
    take care HP

    btw in my neighborhood we called it "skullsy".
  6. SkellyChamp


    I believe Hotpuppy was just trying to say that he personally was totally turned off by the fact that you would be considering helping a 19 year old girl, who you stated very unequivocably to be your friend, to become a provider because she was in a cash crunch. Notwithstanding the fact that she brought it up or knows that you are active in the hobby. Hw was very specifically not trying to pass judgment on any motive of yours just that the idea bothered him.

    And I think you harsh reaction, probably shows you have a high level of discomfort with it also.

    And I gotta say I agree. Nor do I think it hypocritical at all. I think most providers I've met are wonderful, nice caring people. (And I've been on and off active for longer than many of the people here have been alive - see APM poll). But I sure as hell would NEVER EVER encourage any one I know to walk down that path.

    She's 19 years old. She is a baby. I don't care how emotionally mature she (or you) she thinks she is. She is a baby. Why the hell risk it at all?

    I say discourage, not encourage. I say discourage, not let her make her own decision. She and you will be better people for it.

    Very few 19 year olds that I knew (know) don't have money problems.

    I believe this is what Hotpuppy was getting at. And I agree.


    JMP... If it 'aint a juice bar...

    The 19YO probably won't get in.... ;)
  8. jmp


    Why not bring her to the get together on the 21st? That way she can meet a group of providers and hobbyists in an environment where there are no expectations.

    After that, IF she still wants to try getting into the business, she might try a trial run with one or two people she meets at that gathering. She could contact them directly if she wants to keep a low profile.

    After a couple of experiences, she could decide whether or not she wants to get further involved.

    With the potential for serious psychological damage (even if she only sees perfectly nice gentlemen who treat her well), this will give her a chance to slowly work her way into the business if she really has her mind set on it.
  9. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    You wouldn't happen to be a young money fund manager who's last name starts with Y, would you ?
  10. mercydancer


    Re: how come?

  11. nj george

    nj george

    i would suggest that she get the ideas and opinions of as many escorts as she can. for no matter how much we think we know as clients it is impossible to put oueselves in the shoes of an escort and feel what they feel. and know in our hearts how it really affects them. perhaps you can help her there by putting her in touch with any provider friends or aquaintances you may have. this is a BIG decision she must make for herself.

    to answer you questions:
    1) no i would not limit her clients to the regular posters/readers of this board. if she needs the $$$$ that badly there will not be enough business, over the long term, from just the readers here to keep her afloat. there are bad seeds in any group of people(no offense intended, just being realistic) so safety will ALWAYS be an issue no matter where she gets her business from.. that is another reason why she should speak to as many providers as possible so as to get ideas on how to screen potential clients. and yes, if you are this involved with her on a personal level, then maybe you might consider staying out of it(sorry, just my opinion). you have to also ask yourself this question...if you are this close to her, will YOU be able to handle her going out on bookings and being intimate with other men? you must be honest with yourself here.

    2)as far as being messed up mentally...as ezrlove said, she is 19yr old. depending on her makeup it may be VERY difficult for her to deal with after a while. oh sure for the first month or so it may be even fun and exciting who knows? but when that wears away and it becomes a "job" then there is no telling how it will affect her.

    just MHO
  12. DickNervous


    I agree with everyone here that you should probably steer her towards something else. Heck, if she is that hot she can be a waitress at a topless bar and make good money. Even be a dancer and make better money. Maybe not as much as an escort, but it is less stressful on the mind and the friendsship.

    Of course, that last bit is a total assumption on my part having never been in this kind of situation.

    The bottom line is that there are a lot of other ways to make good, quick, cash if she is hesitant to try escorting.
    Again, though if she really wants to do it, then there is nothing you could do to stop her.
  13. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    Re: It made me feel dirty...

    You insist on taking this personally, I dont know any other way to say it so that you will relax. Maybe I am in the wrong hobby,and sometimes I am conflicted. I only trust people that struggle with their behaviors and the choices they make in their lives.
    I didnt call you a pimp, I said , "if I wanted to take a cheap shot, I would have called you a pimp". If you would calm down for a second, you would see that I am not attacking you and I dont think that you are a pimp.
    As for being a wiseass, this I understand, as I have a post graduate degree in wiseass- it has never served me very well. As for your crude response being a joke, well then append it by adding a <g> or a :).
    Im sorry this has gotten so far and I apologize for taking up space . As you say "no hard feelings"
    take care HP
  14. candie


    how come?

    I have dreams at night that I find these beautiful blonde twins, very bi but not lez, and wanting to be escorts?

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  15. Ezrlove


    imperialone - When she brought the idea of escorting to you I think that you answered her honestly. But you did the right thing by asking for other opinions.

    I have to agree with most of the replies. She is 19 and this business is not cut out for many people and definitely not 19 year olds.
  16. mercydancer


    Sounds to me as if you're having a problem with the idea.I understand that the idea of a beautiful 19 year old is very exciting to most but she is only 19 and this is not something that most women can handle emotionally.
    I've seen first hand too many young girls get into any branch of the adult businesses and end up really bad.If you care for her as much as your post sounds, then give her a loan and talk her out of it before she does something she will regret later and could cause deep mental problems.
    just my 2 bits.
  17. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread


  18. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    It made me feel dirty...

    This is the last thing I'm gonna say on this.....It made me feel dirty.......thats good, real good, maybe your in the wrong hobby. Where's the dirty part, the fact that all my freinds are young or the fact that she came to me with this, or the fact that I was concerned for her safety. As far as the pimp thing goes.. When did i ever mention getting a cut of the money..... As far as the crude response goes... It was a joke, and Im a wise ass, ask anyone here. Carl M and Tank will vouch for that... Later Hotpuppy....No hard feelings...
  19. jmp


    As much as I'd love to help break in a 19 year old who's new to the business, I have to agree with everyone here.

    Of course, there's a bit of a double-standard at work here. Most of the men in this forum see providers, and most of us have at least some real feelings for them, ranging from basic concern about the well-being of someone we've only encountered briefly on up to real friendships. But we've all also been privy to the concerns and complaints about some of the true assholes out there. So, while we often care deeply for the women who have already chosen this line of work, when it comes down to someone who one of us cares about outside of the hobby that is thinking of entering the business, the general tone is not one of encouragement.

    Of course, this business isn't for everyone. The key is that if she decides to pursue it, it has to be a completely voluntary choice on her part.

    Waitressing is far from easy, although a few months of waiting tables might toughen her up enough to be able to handle the business. Hell, if she wants to waitress in the city, drop me a line. I know a place in the city that's hiring right now. She'd fit in well with the other 19 year old waitresses, and us regulars looove flirting with them. Meanwhile, the 19 year old waitresses like picking up some of the 20-somethings who hang out there...
  20. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    I tend to agree with Scottie

    Steer her on the right path Imp, Of course if you produce a picture and she is as gorgeous as you say, then everything we say goes right out the window- LOL!!