Pot and alcohol-Should it bother me if shes doing it during session?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by BigMadM, Feb 9, 2003.

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  1. jack sprat

    jack sprat

    sounds like a firing squad........or have you had a vasectomy and shoot blanks?
  2. justlooking


    When I'm with someone I usually offer her a blindfold and a cigarette.
  3. April

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    Re: Re: Pot and alcohol-Should it bother me if shes doing it during session?

    my kind of guy!
  4. pswope

    pswope One out of three

    In this context,more like the antidote to revulsion/repulsion.

    (ps-it works both ways,pot can make an avg working girl look quite fine. as for the slippery slope argument,that's simply hooey)
  5. Danielle


    Oh, Jesus Christ. It´s like the pot calling the kettle black. In the described situation, both parties are accomplices in what´s considered by society to be taboo behavior. So how could the John realistically try to offer moral guidance? First of all, it´s not his place, and secondly, the drugs and alcohol are I´m sure making the whole ordeal much easier for her to go through with. Ah, alcohol, the great moral lubricant.
  6. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker

    I prefer to be sobber when I have someones body parts in my mouth.

    I would hope my johns would want that as well.
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  7. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    a small glass of wine is great and doesnt bother me...if its someone ive seen before than even better..pot makes my head itch (i swear im not kidding...i must be allegeric to it) would it bother me if a client did not unless i saw him a few times..

    a few clients have offered cocaine but i didnt accept because that would start my addiction again to it..i did it a few times but i totally quit 10 years ago.,

    i dunno in my opinion if a girl needs anything to get through all her sessions then this biz is not for her
  8. Cookypuss



    I do not want my clients altered when they are coming for a visit, and i could never come to a session altered ~ I need to be alert, listening to my gut and if I just smoked some greenery and had some cocktails I can be asking for major trouble..I could miss signs or worse ... Now, i like to party (some of you know this ~ we have had some good times) and enjoy a fine glass of champagne , Grey Goose, Tequila, ~ sheesh even a Yeungling and such ~ i love a doobie on occasion with a bubble bath, but tend to stick by the rule of not being altered.I have never smoked pot with a client..Its just not professional in my opinion.. This is the first place i encountered reading that even tho a gent knew a lady was a junkie and doing heroin, she was raved about and a gent was flamed and made wrong because he saw a needle and freaked out..but because she does good service its ok? Its a strange world we live in, to each his own...
  9. Thorn


    De Nile is not just a river in Egypt, as they say.

    There is also enough of it, on BOTH sides of the provider/john equation to go around.

    I believe*, that the effort to do this with open eyes and full awareness must be constant. Though I also think it is, in most cases it is probably less then successful**.

    * But I claim NO special insight.

    ** because if it was, we'd probably stop all this obfustication and just be FAR more direct about this OR, stop altogether.
  10. Casper


    Damn it what about making coffee? Coffee, Coffee, Coffee !!

    I was asked on only 2 occasions if I minded if she smoked a joint between cups. I ddin't mind and said so. My thinking was she needed it to help her get through the session. The legal aspect of being busted and the discovery of drugs never crossed my mind. It will in the future.

    I don't do drugs, only things I've ever tried was pot and that was on two occasions for the social aspect of it. Doesn't do a thing for me. I prefer to be sober and coherent while I'm getting taken care of so I can be my best. Hey I need all the help I can get.

    Ok that's enough from me.

    Peace Out
  11. Daniel_NYC


    For the time that you spend with them you are their boss.

    Yes, they can set limits on what they won't do for you (like wash windows), but if they wan't to smoke or drink on your time, the call is up to you.

    Of course, if you wanted to smoke a J in her apartment and she said that she'd rather you not, than you have to honor her wishes as the owner/resident of the room.
  12. njclassyblonde


    I think its very unprofessional to smoke a joint (by the way I have never done drugs).Having some wine or champagne with your client is acceptable only if he brought it for the date.
    Now that I am on the flip side of the business, I have found out more agencies actually provide drugs to their girls to keep them happy, I for one am not going to be one of those that do that.
  13. *********


    And as an extra added bonus the baby janes who are being forced drugs and held prisoner generate the most requests for info but of course that doesn't concern anyone here since karma doesn't exist.
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  14. hot4chicks


    Dang, I agree with SW.

    I'd add to SW's post that these same guys will then post to a PMB how sweet the Lolita is, encouraging tens, if not more, of guys to go see her.
  15. *********


    It's ironic how many johns will do a lolita then tell them how they are way too nice to be doing this.
  16. skagen


    Drug usage (of various) types is very high in prostitutes. Those are the stats in black and white, consistent among all studies.

    So whether or not the girls do pot in from of you is irrelevant - the chances are actually pretty high that they do other shit too. Just a fact in this sex business.

    As for tendency to do BBFS, well you read this board, you know the deal.

    Regarding drinking and driving, well you can suggest a taxi - but its probably unrealistic to think they're gonna leave their car at a random motel parking lot simply becuase you thought they should drink and drive.

    Not trying to be negative, but sounds like you might be trying to pretend to yourself that you don't know what's really going on here.
  17. RichardNY


    There is another perspective on this thread that no one has stated. Maybe no one cares?

    Point in fact, the hobbyist is breaking the law by being a john. However, should there be a bust with marijuana or anything harder around - he, as well as she, might find themselves facing federal narcotics law penalties in addition to the penalties for being a john.

    My point: while we may not be parents to the girls - do we have an obligation to parent ourselves!

    Just wondering.....
  18. pswope

    pswope One out of three


    Send her home in a cab or drop her off by mass transit.
  19. candie


    I find that so very unprofessional but some just do not know any better.
  20. zoothorn


    The smoker you drink, the player you get

    Hey, it's fine to have a drink .... or a toke, BUT only if they offer you some ....outside of that, it's not professional. I've shared cigs with providers, but honestly, I dont; really like that a whole lot either .... but it's not a deal breaker (and my cock is gonna be in that mouth for the most part anyway).