Pretty Girlz Schedule for March 6-12

Discussion in 'New York' started by prettygirlz, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    sherri got tipped for her services, it was a different agency.

    I dont know if jenny allow cim, I dont remember.
  2. homerj12345


    So, shall I assume.......

    BMM, so is it safe to assume by your comment regarding Leah that the others on your list do indeed perform that act?

    Also, I notice Sherri has two seperate rates, did you have to pay the higher rate for that?
  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    ofcourse, its not my duty to give a brief report on these girls, but since Ive met most of them, I just want to offer a quick, spot on description, since this is a new agency, and well, I want to share, its the UG way.

    Sherri, 36...uh......Id say 39, 40, but shes a sweetie.
    For anyone that likes a MILF that can fuck you till you die,uh, thats a good thing btw in case you dont catch my drift, and then probably keep your dick hard for 30 more minutes after that, you will enjoy time with Sherri. And an important note, this must be noted, Sherri is up there in the BBBJ dept, as far as skill, with the rest of the greats that grace this board, like Betty, Kimmie, April, and anyone else who is highly regarded in this area.
    Yes, Sherri gives an awesome BJ.(and entry is available no matter what door you enter)

    Jenny, another total GFE package, fun to be with, totally talented, good looking, another winner in my book.

    Angela, havent met her yet, Im a little scared of objects hanging like that, I have this phobia.

    Leah-ah Leah, and Im not using the names they used to go by, cause I already made that post, Leah, well, shes a total seductress.
    Good looking, sexy, total GFE package, by my standards, the only thing I would love to see change is that she doesnt like one coming in her mouth.
    Too bad, although my time spent with her was great.

    All I can say is that 3 out of the 4, I can vouch for, and know firsthand, they are all winners.

    And most important to me in the end, they all were clean, fresh, no odors, nothing but cleanliness, and that again, is an important factor in choosing the right women.
  4. prettygirlz



    Sherri (GFE/PSE)
    Available Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

    Available Tuesday & Wednesday

    **************Long Island,NY**********************

    Available Monday & Thursday

    Sherri (GFE/PSE)
    Available Tuesday

    Angela (GFE/PSE)
    Available Thursday


    Available Thursday

    Call Jill @ (201) 955-8055 to make your appointments