Price vs. Cost?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by smileee, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. mikertmodbl

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    oh yeah
    oh yeah

    last summer one of my indies gave me a birthday freebie

    was fun

    lotta fun
  2. tigerguy


    Yes, I have factored in the time split between TS and the hanky panky time with MP. In reality, you only get 1/2 hr hanky panky unless you consider TS also happy time. So seeing agency/indies gets double the real time at about double the rate. Sorry, I can't find quality agency/indies at $$ but more like $$1/2 to $$$. So on the balance, you pay AMP and non-AMP about the same $ per real time. This is one reason but not the main reason why I rarely visit AMPs. I prefer to see agency/indies who I can converse with as a requirement of my GFE
  3. tomnyc31


    I find that the best deal (provided you don't prefer quantity over quality per se) is a longtime relationship with a limited number of independent SP's.
  4. onehopatrick


    for my money, always the indy/agency...more comfortable, no negotiations (you both know what you're there for)
  5. smileee


    The other day I was trying to figure out which is really the best deal. Going to an indy/agency or an MP. I can go to an amp and hear Frank and Billy sing for .50 house fee for the hour and $1 donation. An indy/agency for the same performance is 2. Obviously a buck and half is less than 2, so on the surface it appears that the cost at an amp is cheaper. Then, I started to think. At an amp I get a body rub/massage on a table that lasts for a half hour. The other half hour I get what I came for (pardon the pun). So excluding the first part, the massage/body rub (maybe a ts depending upon the amp), the actual cost for the ½ hour performance is 1.50. If it were an rmp it would be far more. Now to the indy/agency. One gets a nice bed vs a table and usually down to business after a few minutes of small talk. In essence, it is 2 for the hour performance. The talent being equal or close, I am only looking at this objectively, meaning not the other amenities or lack thereof. So, I ask what is really the better deal or more bang for the buck, an amp or indy/agency????
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