Private viewings, what exactly goes on?

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by Phantom, Feb 18, 2001.

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  1. ryan


    Slink makes some good points in his first pgh. I imagine the spectrum of PV ranges from self-service to the other extreme, though most often somewhere in-between. If it was always self-service, common sense tells you there would be many reports telling us so, especially because there would be no concern about being "cut off" from the lady and there's nothing raunchy or improper to post anyways.

    What you should really do is just invest the $$ and go see for yourself. If it's such a mystery why not just go find out first hand considering the price is usually reasonable. That's what I did. I have had one PV experience but for some reason I don't feel like describing it in detail... I know that's what you thought we'd be able to get away from since this is a different board ! Email me if you would like. But I will say that while not FS, it was very satisfying...
  2. One Eyed Trouser Trout

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    Then why wouldn't they brand the PV as a rip-off?

    I suspect they're not comfortable with claiming such things as prostate massage coupled with a HJ . Either that or it's FS and the provider, who reads boards, threaten to cut them off if the client provides details.
  3. littleguy

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    Any chance they are a little ashamed to admit they doles out $xxx and had to do themselves ?
  4. Phantom


    I know guys who have been to PV that will not even tell you privately exactly what goes on. Yet these same guys will tell you whether an escort will do BBBJ.
  5. Slinky Bender

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    Total guess, but it's probably similar to why you can't get a good description of what extras you can get at a strip club on the various "strip club boards". Since the "hobby" is totally "black market", once you're discussing it, well, there's not much to hide. But when you are discussing a supposedly legal opperation, and there might be some *whatever* activities going on, and since LE might be lurking on those same boards to gets tips on which "legal" opperations might be "crossing the line", there is usually some reticence to spilling the beans.

    In most places that I have seen across teh country, what private viewings are "supposed" to be is: you sit in a comfortable chair. She Stands, walks around, etc. and talks to you, strips, etc. and anything is fair game as long as there is no "contact" between the two of you. Of course, all this goes on behind closed doors, so YMMV big time ( wink, wink ). The problem I have with this is that there is way too much room for various kinds of "upselling" or denial of service altogether. Of course, the strip club afficianados will poin tout the trhill of the chase, etc.
  6. Phantom


    Since this subject always get squashed when it appears on other boards, maybe now and here someone will find the courage to tell us all what exactly goes on during a private viewing.

    Since PV's seem to be a mainly Baltimore/DC sort of thing, maybe someone can inform us Yankees as to what the deal is with PVing.

    Is it all self service? or does the girl provide a helping hand or more?

    What's the big secret? Or is a case of YMMV with no one wanting to tell just how much more they got then the next guy?

    I mean you can find guys who will tell you what services each and every escort will provide, but when it comes to what services a girl who does PVing does there is big wall of secrecy. As if it's somehow forbidden to speak what goes on during a PV.

    C'mon guys give!

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