Protect Your Blinds!

Discussion in 'Games of Chance' started by JackT, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. JackT


    I probably didn't play this correctly preflop, but considering the result, I can't complain......

    party 2/4 Limit Holdem, Button is playing tightly, I probably have an image of being a bit aggressive, MP just sat down at the table and posted a blind:

    I am Big Blind with 7h 4h. Guy in middle position (MP) checks his posted blind, the Button raises, the SB folds and I call with my 74suited. MP calls the raise too.

    Three of us see the flop:

    5h 3h 6h

    I check, MP bets, Button raises. I call the raise. So does MP.

    Turn is the Tc.

    I check, MP checks, button bets, I raise, MP folds, button re-raises.... I pause for a moment and re-re-raise, button caps.

    River is the Ts.

    We cap the betting on the river.

    Button shows Ah Jh for the ace-high flush.

    The only thing better would have been if MP had hit a full house (e.g., sixes or fives full) or quad tens.

    Protect your blinds out there! :)