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Discussion in 'New York' started by LIDAWN, Feb 18, 2001.

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  1. Paige


    I concurr

    I wholehearttedly agree, But Dawn dontcha think These guys that flame the gals go a bit too far? I sure do.
    I will always give a client with their permission a referral.
    I also atest to the fact I have met many clients that have been wonderful.We all have our opinions and our preferences and our standards by which we operate.
    If we all can get along and in the spirit of cooperation
    start a new trend and help each other out that's absolutely wonderful. I for one will copperate 100 %. Life is too short to vicous , angry and jelous. We are all different types and do well.
    Abientot Dawn
    With Warm Regards,
    Miss Paige of New York
  2. SS


    Come to the Garden state

    Dawn, if you do visit NJ, add me to the list, as I make it now three guys that would like to meet with you.

    You can come out for a day or two, kind of a getaway thing for a day, without really traveling too far from LI.

    There are many reasonable priced hotels where you could stay and relax. I hope you wil consider it !!!

  3. Phantom



    While we might like to meet Dawn, I'm beginning to think that she does not like us NJ guys.
  4. DannyNJ


    Phantom took the words right out of my mouth! Come to NJ for a day!!!! We'd make you feel extremely welcome. See that - you have two guys locked in already.
  5. Phantom


    Hey Dawn,

    Is there any way I can convince you to make a trip to NJ for a day? I can give you provider references. Plus, I'm a great cook. What me what you like and I CAN make it for you.


    I have been noticing on other boards the degree of flaming from one provider to the next as well as the client flaming from one fellow client to the next..
    I have also noted in here that this does not occur, unless it i along a friendly bantor line.. and exceptional conversational threads ,with respect on a mutual level...
    So i have my own personnal statement ..! Here goes nothing!!!! I am a provider, and a friend to many of you ( mot ) lol !!!! (cftf lol)
    I am here for you guys.. I hold your information only to clear you ! For both of our safty, and then it goes bye bye..
    I am treating the provider network like a sorority. we girls stick to gether and give great 110% service and we help each other out by being kind and sharing the great guys with no hostility. or jealousy. there are more than enough yummy guys out there lets all share refer and enjoy this beautiful thing.. I will be happy to give a reference to any man I have seen for another lady.. not a problem ever for me!!!!
    I have personnally met some of the most honest ,generous, friendly ,compatable , congenial,people in the world through this business and I must say in some cases they have out done my southern gents ( touche' mom!)
    so in closing.. i love the way that sounds (don't cha ?)

    I promise on my honor to be a good non flaming easy going gal and will respect each of you with the same courtesy you have extended me with a smile.. thanks to you all for being such great people.. and so honest and friendly and fun..
    lets be safe and look out for each other and keep the hobby alive and well.. and among friends..
    For those who do not agree.... who are you? let's fix it!
    hugzz dawn

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