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Discussion in 'New York' started by BigBucksNYC, Apr 15, 2001.

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  1. Casper


    Candie; I suggest Central Park if you just go topless. It's legal in NY, ya know ..... lol

    Or go to Sandy Hook and take some nudes on the beach. Be careful with the sand as it tends to get into the darndest of places ;)

    Peace out
  2. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    You need a garden?

    I'll plant a garden if you'd lie there naked!!!
  3. candie


    website pics

    I dont know bout anyone else but I am always being asked. How old are your pictures, when are you going to put new ones up? Now I love taking pictures but it sorta gets boring after awhile trying to come up with new poses and such. My new ones are current but I must say the poses are basic in my eyes. How many times does one need to view my ass or tits? lol I did try and include some face shots as those who are always asking for them I can email them the most current me.

    I just took the last set in august except for few of them.

    Pictures, are important for sure but not everyone can truely capture themselves for many reasons.

    I would love to shoot a picture on a bed of spring flowers, but its likely where I would want to I would be arrested. Oh well, if you know anyone who has a garden please let me know :)
  4. BigBucksNYC


    As someone relatively new to the scene (I started 2 years ago and can still count the number of women I've been with on one hand), I've got a comment to make! :)

    Because I was new and really didn't know how to find a provider, I headed straight for the phone book (which has about 30 pages of escort ads). I asked for what I wanted and, of course, what arrived was exactly what I had asked for....well, what I asked for hit by the ugly stick about 100 times and about 30 lbs heavier. I was so nervous when she arrived that I didn't even know if it is proper to tell an outcall provider that, because she isn't what you wanted, that you are no longer are interested. So I said "what the hell" and embraced my state of mind (very horny) and closed my eyes and dove right in.

    For my next experience (which was a long time after that) I decided that I would never let it up for chance again. So I headed to the internet and was happy to find that a lot of providers had no only their own picture up and detailed information, but that they also had their own webpages. From then on, I make it a rule to only go to someone (I only do incall now because I have roommates) whose picture I see first. The more pictures, the better and the more information, the better as well.

    Being a new client, I don't understand how people can use escort listing in the phone book or magazines or random incall places. I mean the MOST important thing to me when I see a provider is that she fits what my mind wants...and my mind wants a very specific type of women (and a very specific type of attractiveness). For instance, I can't stand being with a women who is even slightly overweight so one of the most important things for me besides her listing her weight is seeing if that is the truth by looking at her pictures.

    It almost annoys me when a provider just has one picture or has a picture from very far away. I understand the need for privacy and therefore respect it when she shadows out her face (although I do like it more when she doesn't) but I must she her full body (front and back shot) before I decide to be with her. I also really don't need nude shots - just close ups of her body.

    For instance, some of the pictures on Julie's website are great but others are either blurry or else it is just too hard to make out any detail. I prefer the types of pictures that Kamasutranyc puts on their webpage much more - numerous pics with a mixture of full body and face.

    Lastly, I also get annoyed when it says "call for price". I like seeing the price on the webpage (although, for LE reasons I can understand why some don't). Also, I find it a convience to e-mail the women first because I am a bit shy on the phone. E-mail first to get questions and introductions out of the way and phone second is how I like to do it.

    So what does everyone else think? Is it just because I am new to this that I am totally dependent on the internet and on viewing their photos first? Does anyone else agree/disagree with me?


    P.S. I love this board becuase we can spread out experiences and knowledge about this subject. Without it, I would be much more in the dark and would not be as satisfied as I usually am with the providers that I see.