Providers who BBBJ: how do you protect yourselves?

Discussion in 'New York' started by ugman, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. HornySailor



    Man, you are a real uptight sicko. I think your objective is only to dominate women. Just look at your sick handle.

    I agree with Betty. I was 12 and I knew all about sex and wanted to do it. Only problem was that there were too many uptight adults in my way.

    Only I grew up to respect women no matter what they do for a living or for pleasure.

    IMHO Betty is much more balanced that all of the criticizers in here who do things they feel guilty about and nevertheless keep doing them because of deep seated hangups. Typical American upbringing. Live by the numbers and use no judgement of what you think is right for YOU.
  2. Bigbalsa


    Re: Betty - thanks for informing us

    Personally, I'm single now, so I am a little bit more adventuous, but my sentiments exactly.
  3. Bigbalsa


    Hey, cleaning after sex with a stranger makes sense to me. I'd be more inclined to come back for seconds knowing the girl cleans herself. It's a self respect thing too you know. If she cares for her body, then she cares about herself. In fact, call me strange, but I find women who cares about herself sexier than someone who doesn't.

    my $0.02
  4. busted


    Betty - thanks for informing us

    Betty - I've been the lapdance (don't open my zipper) kind of hobbier for the past 15 years. I've always told the strippers, I save the insertions for my wife, and have always received a compliment from most. I guess I felt I could always apologize to my wife for anything and ask for a second chance, except for coming home with a disease that would affect our sex lives together (After almost 30 years we still enjoy each other's company sexually and otherwise). Its only been recently that I have ventured into CBJ at Fstop and at Antidote, more for safety reasons. I truly appreciate your comments and am glad to hear from the gals about how careful you all are. I realize though, that not all providers are that hygienic.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work!!
  5. CoyoteGirlJosi


    Very Well Put

    Very Well Put, I agree...........Coyote
  6. RoosterC74


    Well Put

    Toreex posted the following:
    "I applaude & respect you for being who you are and not being ashamed of who you are."

    Well put. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding such matters. Betty-I have to give you credit for speaking your piece-and making it upfront for all of us to read. Whether we agree with that or not, it is up to us. However, each of us has our own opinions.

    I will further state a thing or two about a few of Betty's Comments. I think they can be summed up with 2 points here:
    1-First of all, from phone conversations, ****** exchanges, and personal get togethers-it has become clearly obvious to me, that Betty adores her children.
    2-Secondly, her children come first in her eyes. When an emergency came up with one of her children a few weeks ago (possibly about a month) she put everything else on the back burner (including a Rooster Visit) to give her child the immediate care she deserved.

    How the hell this went from a Thread about BBBJ's to Betty's Family Life-I have no idea. But then again, over the course of the past 6 or so months-this does appear to occur more and more.
  7. toreex


    Re: signs

    I totally agree with you on this matter betty. Your understanding of your body and acceptance of yourself is more important than anyone's personal beliefs. Unlike you I was raised in a strict, religious carribbean/moorish family. I didnt get the sit down where I was explained the reproduction process, or even encouraged to be proud of my body. To be interested in Boys was not taboo, it was a sin. Maybe my experience in my early childhood was on the extreme side as was yours on the opposite end. I havenlt lived with my parents since I was 12, I never knew anything about sex, but felt that attraction to boys, so I began experimenting and ended up pregnant at 15. Maybe If I were raised not to be afraid of the urges my body has, and to suppress them, if I were schooled on safe sex I would have still done my experimenting but not became a mom until I was a WOMAN and prepared to take the step into motherhood.
    My girl is six and I'm like you. I am open with her and answer all her questions as best I can so she can understand. She is not ashamed of her body or shy about it at all. She knows babys come out of a womb, not the stomach. Before she feels she's ready to have sex, she will be schooled in the necessity for safe sex, the consequeses of unsafe sex, etc.

    I applaude & respect you for being who you are and not being ashamed of who you are. Whether you call yourself, a whore, prositute, or escort, I personally feel there is nothing in it to be ashamed of. Its a stereotype, a label placed by societal mores that make people feel it is something to be ashamed of. If they dont like it, fuck 'em. Most people live stiff, boring lives, bound by society's rules and pray their kids turn out normal, or successful like your older daughter. There is more than one way to get from SNJ to NYC and who is to judge which way is better? You still get there. In the same instance there is more than one way to raise a child, and life a positive productive live so whose to judge which way is better.

    Of course we are all entitled to our own opinions, and mines is stated above.
  8. mercydancer


    Betty, I will pray to the higher gods, that LOUMA falls into temptation. Lol
  9. LOUMA


    betty, why oh why couldn't you be in NYC? I'm tempted to buy you an apt here just so you can party w/ me :)
    you are absolutley the best!
  10. teeduke



    Your contributions to this thread are pretty informative and candid. Thanks. You get more interesting the more i read.
  11. brooklyn_kid



    like it or not your 12 and 13 yo kids are sexually active especially when comin out of NYC, i for one applaud betty for teaching the right way to do things to her kids. We try to raise our kids according to the law that 18 is legal to have sex i bet 95 percent of the people on this board has sex before they were 18. back in the 60s-70s it wasnt uncommon for an 18 yo girl to be married with a kid and why u ask ? because she didnt know about protection and birth control.

    p.s. when i was 14 i wish i had betty around i hated having to stop girls for terrible bj's
  12. Casper


    Passing judgment

    If you make something public, others will judge.

    I for one am not judging the way she was raised but rather a belief that kids at age 12 know what's healthy or not.
  13. Dondee

    Dondee Herbie, DDS

    Yup! Just like Chineese Food! :D
  14. ccure


    Betty's upbringing....

    Anyone on this board passing judgement on Betty needs to look at themselves first. As I have gotten older and wiser, I realize that I have no right to pass judement on anyone unless I really know what they are up against, or unless I consider myself perfect. We all know that being perfect is not a reality.

  15. Cookypuss


    You are a f#@cken riot !

    Hysterical !
  16. mercydancer


    I've suddenly realized that baseball is a very perverted game.
    You stand with a long penis shaped hard stick in your hand. You try to hit these balls they keep throwing at you.The catchers mitt looks like a pussy.You get all excited and run around to end up atthe same spot you started from.sort of like getting all horny, screwing your brains out and then you end up right back in the beginning of things,Hmmmm,you men.
  17. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I thought you used a baseball bat?
  18. mercydancer


    while we're on it, the hotels should give us discounts also. I can see the ads now.
    "Ask about our two rooms for hookers for the price of one special".
  19. betty_snj



    don't forget the condoms
  20. mercydancer


    and as for the hygiene subject, I guess the mouthwash,douche and toothpaste companies should make us their prized customers. LOL