Pubic hair and STD's

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  1. remsenst


    I don't think anyone would doubt the info you shared, it was very interesting to hear your observation that medical professionals tend to opt for BBBJ's.
  2. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    I think we're splitting hairs here.
  3. betty_snj


    because I always like to have a backup for what I say...

    and what I discuss with some of my doc is one of the articles about the circumcision to prevent HIV risks:

    in another article, by National Geographic, here is something interesting about the benefits of circumcision:

    ""The reason for the increased risk of infection, experts say, is because the foreskin of the penis is susceptible to scratches and tears during intercourse. In addition, the foreskin contains a high density of Langerhans cells, which are especially vulnerable to HIV.

    Circumcision may also prevent other sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and herpes, which are known to increase the likelihood of HIV infection. ""

    Here is the link for the full article:
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  5. betty_snj


    one of my clients is a top urologist

    and, last week, we were talking about lots of dicks ailments...

    H told me uncut dicks are more prone to diseases...the smegma contains HIGH concentration of cells carrying serious STDs than cut guys.

    The uncut foreskin harbors a huge concentration of infected cells, specially iif the guys are HIV +.

    He told me one of the things they want to do in Africa, to contain the sexual diseases, is to circuncise the male population.

    So, women should be more aware of uncut dicks than cut ones....and on the shaving thing, I'm "au natural", I did stop shaving because of my sensitive skin, I was having too many ingrow hairs and my dermatologist told me to lay off the razor and go for laser...if I want the hair removed.

    I'm doing it now... laser is expensive but is worth...I will be partially shaved, just doing laser on my lips and leaving a little bushy strip at the top.

    On guys, I used to love shaved everything, but now I don't care much if they are shaved or not. I enjoy the hair...not a jungle but if they are trimmed and clean, smelling good, in fact is a major TURN ON for me...I love to brush my nose and inhale the smell of the clean hair & skin.

    Some guys, specially black ones, have a strong musky and unpleasant odor on their if they do not wash their privates right before jumping in my bed, they do smell I would say SHAVE IT because their hair TRAPS the musky sweat making them smell gross.

    BTW, my client, the urologist doc, gets all his bjs bare and juicy. One interesting fact is...all my doc and medical scientist clients just want juicy and sloppy bjs and do shy away from any kind of intercourse with anyone...that is reserved for their SO's.
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  6. DaveNJ


    Agreed..Other than crabs I can't see any higher or lower risk for STDs....
    Maybe a lower risk factor for herpes if you don't shave your pubes, but that's a big MAYBE. IF the pubes prevented the virus from contacting your skin AND you washed right away, you MIGHT be spared...
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  7. Slinky Bender

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    The one thing you are LESS likely to catch (and why a lot of wroking girls in low end places origianlly fully shaved) is crabs/pubic lice.
  8. remsenst


    I agree with you wholeheartedly about being more vulnerable to catching something, if something is there to catch, soon after you have shaved for the very reasons you mention. The skin is the body's external armor and when you shave it chips a little bit of the armor away until it heals.

    Thanks for the comment, but I'm still interested in any thoughts about the whole hair does/does not help prevent catching an STD.
  9. madvex


    I don't know if having hair helps, but it's a proven fact that if you shave your balls and base of the shaft, you are more prone to contracting a STD if you have intercourse within the first 24 hours after shaving.

    This is because shaving often causes open sores - just like shaving your face, you skim off some skin, cut into a hair folicle, nip the top off an ingrown hair bump, etc. This equates to uncovered open sore areas through which bodily fluids from your partner, provider, whatever can directly come into contact with your fluids. As you correctly stated, vaginal fluids always come in contact with your shaft base and balls.. if you have open sores from shaving.. watch out!

    Personally, I've been shaving my cock and balls for over 15 years - long before it was "common" and women always loved it.. now it's no longer a big deal because it's popular amoung a much larger set of men. However, I have always been careful not to engage in any kind of vaginal or anal activity with an unknown partner for at least a day after shaving for exactly the reasons stated above. If I know I have an any small sore that's healing, I wait for it to COMPLETELY heal before taking the plunge. I guess that's the price ya pay though...

    The same could be said of having a hangnail as well. You pull it off and cause an open wound, then play stinky finger... and .. ut-oh...
    Be careful and Be safe!
  10. remsenst


    I was having a conversation with some colleagues about the transmisison of STD's and an interesting point was debated. The point was whether having a lot of ball and penis hair prevented the transmission of those STD's that can be transmitted through skin contact with infected bodily fluids (I'm thinking things like chlamydia and herpes at the very least but haven't done the research) even though you are wearing a condom.

    The conversation came up when someone commented how nearly all male porn stars have shaven their groin area (and nearly all their body hair) and that this practice has gained much popularity among regular males in the US. Where it used to be that having a hairy body (think chest hair like Burt Reynolds, not grizzly bear like Chris Penn) was masculine and many women were attracted to it, having body hair is found to be repulsive to many women and is not associated with masculinity, but, instead, it is, to some, a sign that you are too old or that you do not groom yourself properly.

    One side of the argument goes something like this. Having excessive hair on your balls and on the base of your penis shaft provides a barrier of sorts, albeit a permeable one, to those areas that are not covered by a condom during sex. When having intercourse with a condom, your balls still come into contact with part of the vagina and with any fluids that have dripped out of it, especially during mish. The hair around the base of the shaft and above the penis (the traditional pubic hair region) will do the same thing, providing a barrier to skin-to-skin contact with the lips of the vagina and her pubic region. The hair on the shaft, proponents say, is especially important because this part of the penis often comes into contact with the vagina and its fluids during protected sex even if you have a proper fitting condom, but more so if the thing is too small and rides up on you.

    The other side of the argument goes like this. Some say that having a lot of hair not only doesn't help to prevent the transmission of certain STD's, but will increase the likelihood of catching them. By having a lot of ball hair or hair around the shaft of your penis and pubes you increase the likelihood that some of the hair will enter the vagina (think about how many times a woman spit out a hair during a bj) where there is a definite presence of infected fluids (assuming the provider is infected). While there may be a chance of fluids dripping out of the vagina, anything that is inside of it will definitely contact the fluids. In addition, hair that enters the vagina may cause one of those microscopic tears that we have all been told about, increasing the possibility that the fluids will contain blood, which is thought tho be the most infectious fluid. Additionally, proponents of this side say, having a lot of hair will increase the possibility of catching such nasties as lice or crabs. The hair, they say, will provide more surface area onto which these things will attach themselves, will be able to reach more places in the provider's groin where they may be lurking then you would have come into contact if you didn't have the hair, and, in some cases, provides a bridge for these bugs where without hair there would not have been one.

    And, before anybody says it, I know that there is always the chance that you can catch an STD even with safe sex. And I know that showering and immediate wash-up is a must. The debate is whether the hair affects the chance that you may catch an STD.

    What do you think? Any input from providers would also be very welcome.