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Discussion in 'New York' started by occasionalhobbyist, Oct 25, 2001.

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  1. Thorn



    EXACTLY! :)

    I'm no fool. Why do you think I go to strip-clubs in the company of a bi-sexual female if its not about the "leftovers". Bigger :D
  2. Does it really matter? Anyway, I remember Tony's Carwash ... strip clubs are a great experience, but I was more talking about public places in NYC. Still, the thread's been a jammin' good one, in my opinion. Excellent recommendations all. Thanks! Now, if I were lucky enough to get a hummer from FW on a balcony, that'd be a treat. Hell, I think I'd pay to watch from across the street!
  3. April

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    Last time I went out cruising the strip clubs with a gal pal of mine I got in a heap of trouble =(. It's great to be bi in a male oriented club, especially when there are a bunch of babes showing off they're stuff. =P
    What I have also found is it tends to be easier to pick up a chick if you are a chick in these types of places. Neener neener neener =P j/k I think I'm more into the challenge of it then actually into it .......anyone want my leftovers? lol
  4. jras


    tropical exposure

    A couple of summers ago I had escaped for a short time to a tropical isle in the Indian Ocean -- great bungalow just back from the beach at the edge of an isolated fishing village. After a nice day of sunning and chillin', great dinner of catch-of-the-day, I was wandering back to my place when 2 attractive ladies popped out of the darkness to welcome me to the area. After some chit-chat, they dragged me into the wooded area between my bungalow and the beach, unzipped my pants, pressed all the right buttons and took turns giving me the only dual hummer I've ever had. The night watchman just watched and who knows how many other unseen eyes and ears ... Instant repeat the next evening! Hated to leave.

  5. Thorn


    The nine interludes I previously posted are all with non-providers, which I thought was what we were talking about.

    I do have a couple of incidents I shared with lovely Ladies who were compenstated for their efforts.

    One of my favs was in a strip-club in Newburgh, NY. Tony's Carwash Cocktail Lounge [you just can't make that up]. It is no longer there, shame that this is. It was a one of a kind place. It almost had a "twilight zone" quality to it. Including a dancer with one eye named "Pumpkin". But I digress.

    I was one sitting between two dancers there and we were drinking together. The converstation got around to sex and the two began to quible over who gave the best handjob. Like I said, you can't make this up.

    They decided that there would be an immediate contest and I was to be the judge. Right there and then, at the bar. Hey... If I was to be cast in the role of Paris, I wasn't going to say no.

    They took turns; one, then the other, then back. Tony, the owner, walks over. He sees what is happening, rolls his eyes and walks away whistling.

    The Lady on my right decides its time to end the contest and reaches into her hand bag and out with a bottle of hand cream. End of contest very shortly their after, and the winner declared, ummmm... hands down.

    Do you know how hard it is to get hand cream and cum stains off tan chinos before walking about into public. I was a mess.

    Not so long ago there was a little incident in Paterson, NJ involving a barstool at a place called the "Moonlight Lounge". I'll spare the details as I have told the story before.

    One of the things I enjoy is the sight of two young Ladies together IF its spontanious and not simply for my pleasure. It has to be something the Ladies enjoy for themselves. [Its one of the reasons I have STRONGLY considered running over to April's after booking a session with Kelly... are you listening April?] :)

    So, its has been, on occasion, my great joy to take a provider I have become friendly with, who I know is very bi-sexual [or even perfers the company of women] out with me for a night on the town and several strip-clubs to round out the evening. Where we would then, as a couple, enjoy a dancer [or several] the Lady has selected as to her tastes.

    How this is germaine to this thread is that sometimes this has lead to interesting things taking place in the lap dance area.

    The last time this happened, my companion was getting a lap dance and both women seemed to enjoy it. We started a second, this time my companion started doing, ummm, things to me. The dancer, watching, started doing, ummm, things to my companion, and it sort of took on a life of its own at that point.

    Needless to say there were other booths within ear shot and we were getting a tad noisey.

    All went well. Everyone was well tipped [hey, grease a bouncers palm now and then... it can't hurt]. Everyone was smiling when it was over. Including me.

    That's my idea of a mutually satisfactory experience. :)

    Anyway.. enough of my blather.

    HEY April, FW.... either of you want to go out cruising the S-C's one night. [biggest dumb ol' friendly grin] :D
  6. Thorn


    Brava. Brava pravisima, FW.
  7. fallenwoman


    okay, okay, I have to do it...

    I tried my hardest to stay away from this thread, but I am overcome with passionate memories so here I go...

    True Story:

    Had a client who took me to the Royalton Hotel to spend the night. He blew up 69 balloons and filled the room with all kinds of goodies, toys, lingerie, leather attire, etc. Spent the night there romping and having the time of my life. In the morning I thought it was over. Woke up and opened the shades (huge velvet curtains) and if you've ever stayed there you know that some of the rooms have these HUGE windows that practically go up to the ceiling and little "box seats" like a window seat. As I was putting my stuff together, he pulled me up into the window seat and pushed me down on my knees. As I was doing the thing I love most, he looks at me and says "look", pointing out the window. Across the street, was some kind of high rise and the floor directly adjacent to us was a big, long open office space, like a brokerage firm with wall to wall tall windows and there were about 20 guys standing at the windows watching us! All I need is a little attention to really get going. I stood up and turned my backside toward him and began flirting with the guys who were watching and he proceeded to put a leather band and chain around my neck and the guys were loving every minute of it. No sooner had we started getting really hot and heavy that we notice this little old lady at the firm pushing the young guys aside as she starts pulling the blinds down so they can't see. I watched as they all moved to the next open window to continue watching the show! She was losing her mind and couldn't close all the window shades fast enough. We finished before she got them all closed and I waved and blew kisses to all the onlookers who at this point were clapping and waving back. Not exactly outside, but more "public" then I had ever planned!

  8. JPJP


    My list

    1. front seat of car (standard)
    2. Basment of Law Library
    3. Stairwell of Courthouse
    4. office (semi public)
    5. Hotel sanna
    6. hotel outdoor hot tub
  9. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    If I remember correctly ...Area had a bathroom decorated entirely with 2-3/4" nails.... Some artist hot glued the heads of the nails to all the porcelain in the bathroom....

    John J
  10. zoulou


    At Club Med Punta Cana while learning to sail on the boat with this big breasted girl from NY

    Coming back from a party in an elevator on our way to the fifth floor

    Last summer in my friends pool after dinner with my wife while guests were having desert a few feet away

    Last summer at low tide on the beach with an old girlfriend right below the beach house
    while my wife was in bed...(bad)

    In the bathroom at Area (a Tribeca club in the 80's)

    A long time ago I got a great BJ on a ski chair way up and boy was it cold.
  11. agingpunk


    My list......

    Short time lurker first time poster...on UG
    Being a Lower East Side kid...
    1. Thompson Sq Park: several times, it's amazing how much more sex friendly the place has become since the 80' more unwanted groping.
    2. Bathroom at Sophies....twice, I got checkups after both.
    3. Twice in a certain storage area of a popular area lounge.
    4. A BJ Driving West from lex on 49st to the tunnel on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon in my Volvo. We hit every damn light and the tourists in midtown got a hell of a show, very lucky I didn't clip one.
  12. pswope

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    St John's U parking lot had more fornicating going on than the KMI up the block. Many of the students lived at home and at lunch time would tape Newsday to the windows of their cars and do the nasty.
  13. Escort_King

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    Mate and I had bet about how many girls we could get from a specific dorm at U. of Ariz.... both reached double figures... best the one morning I showered there while the girl kept the other girls I wouldn't have cared... she seemed to!!
  14. HornDogBuddah


    John J: all the way to AC or only to Milepost 58?
  15. robnotbob


    The year after I graduated college I went back for homecoming. This ugly chick with great hooters made a move on me, I was drunk and figured what the hell. We went back to her dorm (she was a junior) and her roomie was already sleeping. So we go to the common study area where she porceeds to give me one of the best BJs ever!! I came, she swallowed, wouldn't stop until I came again. All the while I am hearing every squeak, waiting to get caught LOL.
  16. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    Some of my favs...

    I have to say I love this post... Its funny when you look back in your life and remember certain things you did that you cant believe you actually did...

    A timeline of my Favs include:
    Back in HS and College

    Under dining room table at a party with a gal I just met and my girlfriend nearby.

    backstage of Chaminade H.S. I was stage crew and gals from Our Lady of Mercy and Sacred Heart Academy used to be there for rehearsals. Gotta love those fledging actresses.

    numerous times at Sacred Heart Academy.. Including parking lot, gymnasium, and outside behind a bush while Christmas dance was going on inside.

    Behind St. Thomas Church in West Hempstead.

    Battery Park near the Firehouse

    Coat checkroom of a club called Malibu down in Lido Beach

    The "T" (subway) on the C line going from downtown Boston to Boston College. Elevator to my dorm room... the common study room... the shower room... B.U.'s girls bathroom in the dorms. WZBC radio station while on the air no less....

    St. John University Parking Lot

    Flanders Bay in the water while Girlfriend’s Mom Dad and Sister less than 100 feet away in sight of us.... but to them it looked like we were just hugging... On her small 19' boat in Peconic Bay (a bow rider).

    My girlfriends mom in her den while we were waiting for her daughter my girlfriend to get home from school…. Not something I am proud of but funny when you look back at it…. (uhggg)

    Mile marker 58 on Garden State Pkwy on way down to A.C.

    ...After College
    Plumb Beach parking lot in Brooklyn
    WLIR (someone’s office)
    St. John University Parking Lot
    Aon Re offices on 100th floor building two WTC at around midnight (personal fav)

    Fargo, ND after a 10 hour long seminar with nothing to do... a group of us got wasted afterward and there was a nice gal from Austin, TX with just the cutest little accent I ever did hear. We decided to leave the bar and head back to hotel. The hotel has a courtesy van that it shuttles its guests back and forth to local restaurants (TGIF, Chili’s etc). We jumped on board the van and waited for it to depart. The driver told us it would be 20 more minutes before we leave back for the hotel. He then proceeded to get out of the van and said he’d be back in 15 minutes. Need I say more…?

    Mile marker 58 on Garden State Pkwy on way down to A.C.

    Bethpage St. Park behind a tree… until we heard some voices and realized a school trip was studying ecology of a stream. We could hear them talking and moving around though we couldn’t really see them because of the dense bushes and trees.

    I better stop…. This is pathetic…. I’ve come to realize I only enjoy it when there is an element of risk.

    Ummm any ladies feel like taking a ride down to A.C. ???

    John J
  17. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    during Broadway show

    Have 2 extra tickets to "The Women" tonight... anyone want to try there post or email... may break the ice with the date I have... there is also a full nude scene of Jennifer Tilly to get things going!!!
  18. Re: Where have you guys been all my life????

    Why is that a different thread??? April, honey, that sounds like part of this thread to me. Of course, I am not planning to wear a short skirt and no panties, but I certainly understand the utility! Just let us know when you're headed out!

    Love the Met idea. Actually was thinking of that or Central Park. Surprised at no mention of elevators or Bloomingdales, but hey. Y'all have definitely expanded the list of possibilities. Keep 'em comin!
  19. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    Re: Where have you guys been all my life????

    with the current repressive tone in NYC, one must be very careful

    even if you are b/f and g/f out for a cheap thrill, the sex police might try to hang a public lewdness rap on you

    years ago the heat would have just laughed it off, with the current climate, you might just get nailed to the wall

    good luck
  20. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    Re: In Vegas Anything Goes

    Hey Tucker, for Vegas standards, a bar doesn't even really count as public

    Doing it in the middle of the Volcano at the Mirage, now that would be considered public!!

    You should have bagged her and hailed a cab to Hide & Seek or the Green Door