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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Carl White, Jan 23, 2006.

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    I have no problem whatsoever with a police decoy acting as a "12- or 13-year-old home alone" and putting this SOB's ass in jail (where it can be put to good use by being shared with the other inmates) just as I do not have a problem with decoys dressing up as old ladies or drunks and riding the subway to try and become a target for muggers.
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    It's not just Connecticut.

    Cops think a Roselle, N.J., 14-year old was lured to her death by someone she met through

    The amazing thing, as soon as her body was found a couple of weeks ago, that was the story. Not that she went undiscovered in a dumpster for several days in a well-traveled public park.

    I've been in that park scores of times.

    I don't think teenagers know how much danger they place themselves into when they post photos, personal data, likes, dislikes and the name of their school on their pages.

    I had to warn a young dancer friend of mine to delete her real name and neighborhood from her account on a similar Web site.

    As it was, she posted a few of some rather racy photos I had taken of her.

    There are a lot of pedophiles and sick people out there.

    Their preying has been made much easier because of the Internet and some rather clueless teens.
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    myspace has been getting alot of attention lately because of what happened in Ct. Police suspect that 7 girls there were attacked by people they met on that website. 2 girls on the west coast were killed and police believe the killer found them on myspace.

    myspace is big with the teenagers and tweens. it's the most popular blogging site with them. alot of these kids are putting their personal info on the site and it just makes them more vulnerable.
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    You saw it at your local Jaguar dealer.
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    You should read this whole article.

    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - A month ago, Dateline launched its third investigation into a growing national epidemic—grown men trolling the Internet, many looking for sex with children. This time, to expose them, we set up multiple hidden cameras in a house in Southern California.

    A decoy coaxes the men in, but instead of finding a 12- or 13-year-old home alone, the men looking for sex will meet me.

    Here’s an example of the kind of confrontation we’re in for: A 37-year-old, Kurt Lemke, a truck driver, calls himself “haloballfan” online. He thinks he’s here to meet a 13-year-old boy named Dave, but we really send him a decoy photo. During his chat, he makes plans to give the boy oral sex.

    Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (hidden camera footage): What are you doing here?

    Kurt Lemke: Just hanging out.

    Hansen: Hanging out?

    Lemke: Who are you?

    Hansen: Who are you here to meet?

    Lemke: I don’t know.

    Hansen: Well why did you come here?

    Lemke: I think I was, ah, misled.

    Hansen: Misled ? Misled into what?

    Lemke: Not sure who you are.

    Hansen: I have the log of your conversation with somebody who identified themselves as a 13-year-old boy named Dave.

    Lemke: Okay.

    Hansen: Does that sound familiar?

    Lemke: Possibly.

    And that’s about all he’ll say, so I tell him who I am:

    Hansen: We’re doing a story...

    And he runs out and doesn’t want to hear anymore.

    Lemke: Hell no.

    But unlike our previous hidden camera operations, where after leaving the house some men were able to make a run for it, this time things will be different. This time law enforcement will be waiting.


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    I heard on the news yesterday something about predators luring in lots of UA'd kids. Maybe there were 8? Anyway, he killed all of them so there is gonna be something going on in the Ct area as they close in on this asshole. I am staying away till they catch them. If someone wants the article I am sure a search could turn up what I read.
    They didn't mention escort boards only that myspace place.
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    Interesting the police captain said he's "trying to keep hookers out of town" but enticed men to come to town! Did you notice most of the men were from other towns.....DOH!
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    Depending on the state, the charge is likely to be "solicitation for prostitution," which only requires the offer of a fee for sex. It's mostly legal semantics, actually.
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    When you solict a decoy you are charged with patronizing a prostitute even though the decoy is a cop. When I watched a decoy sting in Wyandanch a few years back they did 2 arrests in the 30 minutes I was there. One arrest was just finishing up and then 20 minutes later another guy got caught.

    In a similar manner if you try and solict sex in some chat room with someone who holds themselves out as a minor but is in fact a 42 year old cop you get charged with the appropriate crime for soliciting a minor. I dont understand it as the cop isn't a minor but thats the type of charges I have read about.
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    I was thinking along the lines of Bandaid's "informant" because in the past the newspaper always mentioned "undercover" or "decoy".
    This was just seven names in the police blotter all followed by "patronizing a prostitute'.
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    Or a "confidential informant' cooperating with the police.
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    The biggest danger sign is a "provider" who steers the conversation around toi FEE for SEX during the phone call. These are the elements of a solicitation charge, and the cops have to get those boxes filled in. Smart, genuine providers don't like to be specific on the phone. They speak of "sessions" and "appointments." Of course, one of the reasons providers don't get into specifics on the phone is that they might actually have to do what they say, but that's another story.
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    Beaver St

    Did the busts in New Britain really happen on Beaver Street?
    Too funny!
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    beaver street. had to see it coming.
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    it wasnt so much the calling and contacting, if they didnt have a feel for what they were doing, they shoulda been more careful.
    If you meet someone for a first time, in a deal like that, you dont start telling them what youre offering for what you want.
    Personally, Id never pay for sex, but Ive spent a ton of money on dates.
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    I don't know about Ct. Interesting article about what went down in Boston, tho. How some guys can reply to such an anonymous ad, then call the cell # given is beyond me, especially with NO info about who they're "calling". How can they be so stupid?
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    A public message board for creative writing - now where did I see this before?