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    Great job by everyone at the protest rally today!!!!

    The cops were totally unprepared. They thought only a handful of people were gonna show up, especially when the decision came down the other day to not allow the people to march. YEA RIGHT!!! If anything, that dumb-ass decision made things even worse cuz instead of having a specific, isolated place to march the people just went wild. We went anywhere we wanted and literally took over the muthafuckin streets!!! "WHOSE STREETS"? "OUR STREETS"!!!! "WHOSE STREETS"? "OUR STREETS"!!!! "THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE"!!!! "THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE"!!! Hundreds of thousands of people brought traffic to a standstill. Chants, signs, speeches ... nonstop for hours in the freezing cold. They had a handful of clown ass cops and "barricades" trying to keep hundreds of thousands of people only on the sidewalks. Haha ... the people were NOT having that. We in NYC made our voices heard as did millions of people across the world. Athens, Greece, my hometown, got the craziest (as usual) with molotov cocktails and a bumrushed US embassy getting thrown into the mix. HELLAS!!! HELLAS!!!

    My only complaint was with the lack of minorities in the march. They were few and far between. It was both sad and angering. Blacks and Latinos have been conditioned to not believe anything that comes from the mainstream news so their stances on issues are basically whatever the black and latino politicians' stances are. They are the ones to blame for the absence of their turnout. Sharpton showed up but he and his buddies obviously didn't work hard enough to get their constituents to show up. They should all be ashamed of themselves.


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