Recently hobbied in Houston

Discussion in 'Texas' started by book_guy, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. book guy

    book guy

    To those of you who posted after I did --

    I haven't posted the details of my mongering yet, hope you aren't waiting. It was fun, and I didn't have the negative experience that Jwills500 reports, but I haven't taken the time to write up the report. Sorry for that.
  2. jwills500


    Hobbied in San Antonio

    Went to a independent off of Broadway close to the White Museum. I guess she was 40s slender chinese gal. Lousy massage, good HJ but allowed no roaming. Door fee was 60 and I gave her 20 for tip. She wanted 40 but I said 20 was all your getting for that performance.
    There is a local rag sheet, kind of like the Queens Tribune, had about 10 adds for AMP's and lots of escorts and other ho's.
  3. flabbergasted


    Book, fire away with your reviews. I go to Houston a couple of times a year mostly sticking to strip joints and golf.
  4. genius


    Not at 40 it doesn't. Just makes you a typical horny guy.

    Why Houston may I ask?

    I have a trip planned next week to Irving ( Dallas/Ft Worth)- any reccomendations?
  5. book_guy


    I recently got to Houston for a hobbyist's trip. It was more expensive than a trip overseas would have been, of course; but it sure was a lot more interesting than staying in Jackson Mississippi (where I live) for all of the holidays.

    It was just a long weekend -- Friday night flight there, Tuesday afternoon flight back. I'd only ever been to Houston once before, but that allowed me to figure a few things out. It was a fun trip. Spent about $1500 all told -- flight, rental car, hotel room (cashed an Expedia $150 coupon), lots and lots of lap dances at $20 each, plus four pops at monger-oid establishments.

    I wonder if dudes want to hear the stories? Here's the highlights:

    Looked around, and got lap dances at Treasures, Centerfolds, Onyx, Papagayo's, Penthouse, The Men's Club, Michael's. Got higher-end service at Treasures, Vellagio "private strip club", La Femme lingerie studio, La Premiere Femme asian studio.

    Also went to REI co-op and got wool gloves that have cool little rubber nubblies on them. My old trash gloves were just knit wool and so were too slippery to use for soccer, because you couldn't take throw-ins with them. These are better. I bought two pair. :)

    Well, I'll give details if people want, though I'm not so sure about how much specifics I should go into. This Utopia Guide website seems a bit more reticent about that sort of thing than other review sites on the internet.

    Also, I gotta write up the reviews for too. Maybe y'all should just check there.

    So I've finally made a vacation trip solely for the purpose of hobbying / mongering. It was for the occasion of my fortieth birthday. Does this officially make me a dirty old man?