Recipe for A Successful Encounter (shhh! Don't share!!)

Discussion in 'New York' started by Amanda Witherspoon, Mar 9, 2001.

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  1. AMANDA'S SECRET RECIPE will need:

    1 voluptuous blonde of the best stock you can find (hint: they grow 'em better in Texas)

    1 can of humor, peppered with intelligence and respect

    Assorted white candles, lightly scented

    1 upscale hotel room or suite

    Dim lighting (along with the candles, if necessary)

    Flowing, beautiful music (or hardcore...depending on how spicy you like your dishes)

    2 or 3 pieces of seductive lingerie

    Assorted toys and incidentals

    2 20-oz packages of experience and knowledge regarding what pleases gentlemen

    2-3 generous cups of affection

    Heaping cups of breasts... (try for 40DD)

    Place the voluptuous blonde in lingerie. Light candles, and mix the rest of the ingredients together. Rub slowly and consistently until proper temperature is attained. Be may find she's a self-baster. Precious juices may escape. Waste not, want not. Make sure you clean up!

    Remove lingerie from the blonde. Insert humor and intelligence along the way...coupled with affection. DO NOT USE ALL YOUR AFFECTION AT ONCE. Slow down or you will run out. Now, open packages of experience and knowledge and add carefully. Notice the fluency of might find you'd like to speak a little yourself. Do not hold back at this point. It is important to keep the lines of communication open. Do not place a language barrier between the two of you.

    Select appropriate toy (more likely, the blonde will do it for you) and play to your heart's content. Throw in some more affection and if you like, add a few spicy words to heat things up. You will find you get a hotter temperature if you speak in a different language!

    Keep the temperature steady until the last few minutes when you are ready to enjoy your meal. You will thank your heavenly stars you did. At this time, your blonde will be hot and ready for sampling. You may want to taste just a little bit before you dive in. Don't burn yourself by finishing too fast, though.

    For dessert, you might stroke the blonde's back and buttocks....or caress her breasts lightly. You will find that she responds in kind. Do you see the clock? Don't worry about it. The oven is off for now, so you can stay in the kitchen a little longer than you normally would. ( Texas blondes don't mind one bit. )

    Say "adieu"...until the next trip....

    Back at home, assure her you are now nutritionally sound by posting a glowing review of her culinary delights. She will love you all the more for it and make sure that you are #1 on her list to see the next go-round.

    Good luck and let me know if I can be of assistance...I'm a very, very reputable chef...



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