Reflex Center Busted!!!

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by smileee, May 5, 2006.

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  1. waynnet


    "I surely did not find what Waynnet says he found by Googling ..."
    That was back in May. I checked now and it doesn't come up, but still that site does appear when I search other spa names with their towns. The site now has membership required to see the actual reviews so it isn't "on a plate" as it was in May (back then the only thing the site could have done to make it easier for cops would be to list spa proximity to doughnut shops!)
  2. stevana


    What did you find. I surely did not find what Waynnet says he found by Googling "the reflex center."
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  3. SpaMonger


    Pine Day Spa

    SOUTH BRUNSWICK: Two women were arrested Thursday for prostitution at the Pine Day Spa; Dong Suk Jeong, 46, of Clifton and 41-year-old Hai Sook Choi of Fort Lee.

    The Pine Day Spa touted accupressure, sauna and table showers.
    Jeong and Choi were charged with maintaining a sex-oriented business, promoting prostitution and engaging in prostitution.
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  4. Kano


    Yeah like coming here an seeing a daily list of girls, offerings an how to bypass security. Then we wonder why are favorite oplace got busted :(
  5. elmaster


    I am not sorry to see them go, seriously. I TOFTT and wrote a review warning everyone of this greedy place but then again, not everyone is a UG member.

    The sad part of this whole story is that this other website is kind of out there in the open, so a simple google pops out a bunch of stuff and once you get into the website it's real easy for LE to get a list of "who's next to be busted".

    Not that LE need "the internet" to do all this, but it just makes it waaaay too easy.

    Be safe,

  6. WillysWood


    Safe from what? LMAO!
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  7. flabbergasted


    I think other mongers are logging on now to get more info. on other spas. I guess it was a good advertisement for the site.
  8. rob load

    rob load

    MY Take:
    A) While LE can't use guys reviews as in court IT MAY point them in which places to investigate/ watch.It bothers me to give them some information.

    B) LE typically busts spas after recieving a complaint from someone.They MUST investigate and take action if warrented.Clearly this was the case @ reflex.Scantily clad employees? they should have known better!
  9. waynnet


    "Do you really think the cops need review sites and/or google to bust these places?"
    Don't need them but it makes their job easier. Now the cops can just Google the local spas and see which ones are worth "investigating". And I figure those reviews won't look good in court (but I'm not a lawyer).
    Anyway I see that site is down, can't even pull up any pages from google's cache - just hope other LE departments don't get wind of this.
  10. Rokin


    They don't need them but they apparently used them in the waterbury busts.
  11. DaiDaiLun


    Bust in S. Brunswick
    2 women nabbed in S. Brunswick prostitution bust
    Home News Tribune Online 05/5/06
    SOUTH BRUNSWICK — Police charged two employees of The Reflex Center, a massage-therapy office, with prostitution Wednesday.

    Police also seized all property in the center, effectively putting it out of business.

    The employees, Natalyia Tsisyk, 25, of Peekskill, N.Y., and Olga Lotareva, 22, of Brooklyn, N.Y., were arrested and released following a five-week investigation.

    The Reflex Center ran its business across the hall from a temp agency in Suite C of 2525 Route 130 South, a single-level brick office complex that also houses engineering firms and a dental practice.

    The Reflex Center's constant flow of male clientele — police estimated up to 25 men per day — and scantily clad employees roused the suspicion of its neighbors, who contacted police.

    "They didnt feel comfortable working in that environment," said Det. Jim Ryan.

    When police typed "The Reflex Center" on Google, they came across a Web site called www . spaXXXXXX with graphic reviews and testimonials of illicit sexual services provided at the center.

    "We were suprised at the prevalance of these postings out there for anyone to examine," Ryan said.

    The site also features what appears to be an advertisement boasting of the center's "attractive European staff" and displaying its motto, "The finest trained hands will administer total release of your stress." Police have not yet determined whether **********.com condones the listing, but the site describes itself as having a noncensorhip policy for member-submitted reviews.

    Police sent undercover officers to pose as clients at the center twice in April, Ryan said, and employees solicited them both times.

    "The women would, during the course of giving the massage, tell the officers that they worked for tips, and that for $50 or $100 they would perform additional services consistent with Web-site postings," Ryan said.

    Tsisyk and Lotareva each face up to $1,000 in fines and up to one year in jail.

    Additional arrests are possible as police continue their investigation and work to identify the ownership of The Reflex Center, police said.

    "Everyone deserves the right to come to work in a safe and secure environment. By dismantling this business, other workers in the office park can come to work without fear," said township Police Chief Raymond Hayducka.

    Note reference that LE used Google and search for such things and the article even provides a link to the spaXXXXXXr site.
  12. NJmasseur


    Do you really think the cops need review sites and/or google to bust these places?
  13. flabbergasted


    I went there when they first opened up and knew it was a matter of time since the place is surounded by business (in a business park).
  14. waynnet


    Just Googled "the reflex center" and bammo up came links to another spa review site with incriminating reviews at the touch of a mouse. (I did not see any links to UG). Now I'm worried about other places reviewed on that site. Now LE can easily pick the best places to do an "in depth" investigation and then bust them. If anyone was thinking of posting a review on that site - think again!
  15. Chaz Palmentary

    Chaz Palmentary

    How many dudes just jumped on google? I know I did.
  16. smileee



    Hit the submit button twice....sorry
  17. smileee


    HNT today, police busted The Reflex Center in South Brunswick. (RMP) Apparently the tenants in the building were suspicious with all of the male customers and notified police. Usual investigation and then the bust. Also said that police googled the Relfex Center got a webstite called ********** which contained graphic and explicit advertising.