Rejected at Nu-Look

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by NoBiscuit, Feb 19, 2003.

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  1. Eugene


    It's just business.

    I agree with Chaucer.
  2. chaucer26


    same thing happened to me....

    there sure are a lot of nu look defenders in here......but i DID make an appointment when I went, was told very clearly that I could see Sara, didn't come on too strong, and then was sent to a room in a hurry with someone totally different (older) anyway. my sense was that things are busy and they are trying to move people along and make sure all of their masseuses get plenty of work.
  3. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog


    not to be too blunt but you should try using that thing on your desk call a telephone and make a thing called an appointment.
  4. mr_namrepus



    I am surprised at your experience - it's the first time I've heard of it at NuLook. As another poster stated, you probably came on too strong and Helen got scared. BTW Jojo is no spring chicken and gives GREAT rimming!
  5. Fit Bastard

    Fit Bastard

    Twopiece: I was a little surprised when I read your post. I assume you read my thread about Jessica who was young and beautifull. My friend and I called about an hour before we got there and asked for JoJo and Suzy. They simply told us to come in. Upon entering we once again asked for these two girls. My friend wound up with JoJo and I got Jessica. There didn't appear to be any hesitation on the mamasan's part to connect us with the girls of our choice. I do remember however at the reception desk being asked if we were ever their before to which I responded no, but we were recommended by firends. No problem after that.
  6. Jarhead


    FWIW: Be Careful

    I would suggest you guys be careful about trying to book multiple names when you haven't been there before. We had a problem with that in NNJ. They realized there was an internet connection and they cut everybody off. This happened in more than one place too. I couldn't believe they were cutting off regulars too, but they did it to me and 3 other guys that were regulars.

  7. wizard070


    Not for nothin, but.....

    JoJo - one of the ladies twopiece mentioned on his desired list - is no spring chicken. don't get me wrong, i had a great time with her. but i'd say she's in that age range the mamasan specified.
  8. CGB



    Wouldnt you be a little scared if some one you never saw came in and had a list of all the better looking girls in the place. Helen was giving you a test. They have to get to know you first, without coming on so strong on the first date.

    good luck
  9. MJC185


    Two points...

    Hey Twopiece,

    1. If you turned down the 'old ladies' and left, you weren't technically declined. There's a big difference.

    2. If you know, from MANY reviews here, that there are some decent looking young ladies to be had there, why not suck it up and blow the initial $75 on the old lady to get your foot in the door? Once they know you are OK it's gravy.

  10. NoBiscuit


    Went with a friend to Nu-Look for the first time and came right out a minute later. We went in with the names of the 4 top girls from UG (JoJo, Sara, Suzie, and Jessica). The woman behind the counter asked us if we didn't mind that the masseuses were old. My friend asked how old? She says her age 40 to 50. Told him absolutely not was I going to agree to it. As we were leaving, she said to us that her establishment doesn't have any young girls. Find that hard to believe since I saw a guy coming out in his early 30's.

    My question is do you have to go their a few times for her to become comfortable with you? Maybe she was bluffing or thought that we were asian vice or something. Couldn't take that chance.

    We were so pissed off that we headed down to Studio 25 and got fs for $$.