Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher - Under Investigation

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    I thought the words Louisville, KY under the Courier-News banner in the link was a dead giveaway. But just to be sure, I read the article that jb referenced and the mention of the "Kentucky Supreme Court" iced it for me.
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    The investigation into whether the Fletcher administration broke state hiring laws is expected to conclude by May 1, Attorney General Greg Stumbo said yesterday.


    The grand jury is investigating allegations that the Fletcher administration made personnel decisions on the basis of politics, not qualifications, which would violate the state's merit system.

    "It's time to move on and do whatever's going to be done," Stumbo said.

    Stumbo would not comment on whether more indictments are forthcoming.

    He also would not say whether any evidence has implicated Fletcher.

    Fletcher's spokesman reiterated the administration's belief that the investigation was baseless. "As we've said all along, this is an investigation really about nothing," Brett Hall said.

    The grand jury is scheduled to meet today and twice next week, Stumbo said.

    Nearly a year into the investigation, 13 current and former administration officials and associates have been indicted. Most are charged with hiring or conspiring to hire state workers on the basis of politics.

    Fletcher pardoned everyone but himself on Aug. 29.