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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by Japoman, Dec 5, 2001.

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  1. jaypgee


    I was there October of last year, I believe (right before I went to the Pitz, which ended up being a great prelude to disappointment.) I select the $80 special with the tub, and sure enough, the girl leaves once I opt for the whirlpool. Oh, BTW, the girl is about a 3 (5 if you're grading on a curve), fat, hispanic, but a decent face. Oh well, I probably just wanted a BJ, I think.

    So she comes back in about 20 minutes and leads me to the table. After about 5 minutes of pseudo-massage, she asks me if there's something else. I said sure. She then tells me it's $200, and it's understood what that's for. I told her, I only want French and I would only give her $70. She took it and took out a rubber, went to town for 5 minutes (I definitely can last a lot longer, but you know how much girls love the taste of latex), and was done.

    All in all, my one and only experience. If I ever find a gold nugget I might try them again, otherwise better to stick with the tried-and-true...
  2. Japoman


    Any experiences with this place in Newark? Phone # is 973 466-0051. They even have a website @
    Think I might give it a try, the cat's away....