Restrained TS Reviews?

Discussion in 'Shemale / Trannsexual' started by its_mousey, May 23, 2006.

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  1. suddanlyknot


    Rooster.. trying to bring the bennies down to the hidden treasure on the shore..?.. amigo.. be safe..
  2. RoosterC74


    Well done, and honest as all hell. Bravo!
  3. its_mousey


    TS Carmen

    In light of: 1) my posting urging others to 'come clean' w/their TS reviews and experiences; and 2) keeping in line w/the old addage of taking one's own medicine, here is my TS review of "Carmen" (of NJ), whose pictures & contact info you can find on eros. Rate is 180 incall.

    I would've booked Lexus given the positive reivew she's gotten, but unfortunately, Carmen was much closer.

    So, how was my first encounter w/a TS? Honestly, it was...well...nothing much to to write home about (notwithstanding the fact I am currently writing about it), although this might have more to do w/my personal preferences than w/Carmen herself.


    It's hard to tell if the person I met is the same in the posted pictures. It kinda' looked like her since there is a passing semblance, but the minimal lighting and drawn curtains of the apt. made it difficult. The person I met looked somewhat taller, the hair and makeup were diffierent but w/TS, these are unreliable points of references. Also, she appeared bigger (in terms of height and overall size), although it appeared a bit chunkier (maybe 5-10 lbs. heavier w/a slight belly but far from fat). Regardless of whether it is the same individual, given that she had a passable face (but not beautiful), had big boobs (C+ cup), and nice round butt, I didn't complain. She also wore these thin nighties w/heeled slippers. She also smelled fresh from the shower. Her voice sounded feminine.


    Standard 2-call system at her apt./condo complex. It appeared she shared the place w/others. A bit cluttered and dark, but clean. She has a dog that she managed to keep out of the bedroom.

    The Deed:

    She removed her nightie but kept her panties on. She immediately placed my hand on her crotch (undoubtedly a final measure to make sure you're aware of the 'total' package) and I began kissing & sucking her breasts, which were nice and firm (although some may find it a bit too hard). I worked my way down and helped myself to her most unique feature. I've never done this before, and quite frankly, I don't think I've missed anything. I guess sucking cock didn't do much for me, although she apparently got quite hard. At least one of us was enjoying this.

    I then had her suck my cock, which she would only do w/cover. I've heard that one of the best BJs you can get is from another man since he knows exactly what to do, being a guy and all. Well, I'm not sure if this logic applies to former men/quasi-men, but the BJ I got was mediocre at best, despite of her moans. Growing tired of her sucking my shaft, I asked if she can suck or lick my balls to which she said no. I tried playing w/her cock while watching her suck mine's. Again, it wasn't really doing much for me. Thanfully, she decided to mount me and slowly took my cock up her ass. She started slow but was soon slamming herself onto my cock. I started stroking her cock w/one hand, while I grabbing her ass w/the other. Suddenly, it occurred to me that she might suddenly cum and the very idea of having a man's cum on my face or chest was quite unappealing. I immediately relocated my hand from her cock and onto her breasts.

    We fucked for several more minutes but I soon started losing wood. We stroked each other for a bit. She even tried to feed me again, while I tried jerking off. However, I knew I wasn't gonna cum and I called it a day.

    She offered me babywipes to clean myself. We chit-chatted for a bit and I soon took my leave.


    I'm not sure if it was the provider or maybe the TS experience was simply not my type of thing, but either way, I probably won't repeat. In all fairness, Carmen was nice enough. She was willing to 'work it' so to speak as evidenced by how much she was drenched in sweat after our session. Undoubtedly, some of you guys would probably enjoy her more than I did. Suffice to say, I booked my ATF on short notice that day and gave the hardest fucking she's ever had. Amidst the heavy pounding, with tears in her eyes, she managed to utter in her broken engrish: "Why...why so hard...?" I responded by stuffing my cock in her mouth and exploding.

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    Thanks for providing the info. about L.H. I just thought that I would have some fun prior to the weekend at the shore.
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    Really had me going, Rooster. Take an early weekend from work so you could write that? LoL.

    Since I had to get educated myself, blackcat, LH stands for Lakehurst in New Jersey. Lots of posts on it if you do a search, as well as the history of the town of Lakehurst--he's talking about the notorious AMP located there.
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    LH is the hindenburg? lol
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    "Oh, the humanity!!!"
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    LH rooster?
  9. RoosterC74


    Just Got To Thinking

    With all of the recent posts about theTS Scene going on over here at UG, I just got to thinking today about the TS Scene. With that said, and with all of the hubba-hubba about TS Lexus, I thought that I would give her a try. The experience went sort of like this:
    -I met her at her in-call location in Jersey
    -The donation was a bill and half (not bad for the hour)
    -She greeted me at the door in a very sexy outfit
    -Looked just like the high price female hookers that I have ventured into throughout these past nearly 37 plus years
    -When I gazed at her overall looks it made my mind drift into thinking about what I have been missing (not part of the TS Scene)
    -We did some extensive dfk
    -Taking the hint from Howdy's Post, I reached down and got a hold of her cock
    -It got rock hard rather quickly
    -She grabbed mine also, and really started to stroke it
    -Then, I went straight for the gold, and began to zero in on sucking on her wonderful tool
    -I did that until she was totally hard
    -I quickly put a cover on her
    -She then proceeded to bang the hell out of my ass

    Just at the moment when I thought that she was ready to blow her load into the bag, I woke up and it was all a dream.

    All joking aside, I stopped by and spent an hour or so with the Kid at L.H. and had a great time as always.

    And by the way, whatever floats your boat is certainly fine with this Old Bird.
  10. RoosterC74


    Good to see that folks are being honest with experiences, and that the other BOARD Members have remained open to this.
  11. justlooking


    Yep. What this board should be.
  12. RickNYC


    Howdynnj and xray. Hats off to ya dudes. You have lots of guts to give such reviews. Even tho I have had very very limited TS experience, I sure as hell got hard n horny reading yours ... just awesome :)
  13. its_mousey


    You da' man!


    No, correction: You sir, are most definitely da' fucking man!!!!!! This goes to xray as well! That took alot of brass balls! But I think open and candid reviews will benifit all in the long run.

    Keep it up, (no pun intended - geheh)!

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  14. xray


    I agree

    I too wish, I didn't have to use my handle, it will stop me from posting in other sections. So, any way someone should start. Yesterday I visited Naila from eros- philly she was in jersey. She is about 5' 8" and passable. She had the most amazing breasts, She said they were real and they felt and look real and very big (I have been with many and usually small or fake- not these). Her cock was eight inches and very thick, got hard and stayed hard. She was completly shaved and smell great. 69 and took turns doggie and for tip (20$) she will cum. One of the best experience I have had. If you are from the philly area, who know it is very bad here. 13th and locoust or eros. The local talent is bad ( not passable, ads lie, soon as you show up prices change, would do this on phone now won't, talks on phone, smell bad, hairy- the philly attitude), usualy do visiting ads Only. But took chace on Naila first time saw ad hopefully Naila stays around she is new to biz.
  15. howdynnj


    OK, so I guess its time for me to put in my comments.

    I've seen a TS, Lexus from Jewels/IndyGirls. I had always wanted to try something different, since it had started to get a little boring going to AMP/RMPs and escorts. I saw Lexus on the Indy site, and figured I'd give it a try. We met up in a local hotel in CNJ, and the first thing she said was 'You know I'm a TS?', and I said "I sure do, that's what I'm looking for'. She was very passable, and I'm sure most couldn't tell if you saw her on the street.

    She was very GFE(Is that the right TLA? should it be TFE?), we started kissing and getting naked. I reached down and stroked her cock, as she also did mine. I worked my way down from her nicely proportened tits, and started sucking her cock. I got it until it was hard, and then asked her to fuck me. As I got on the bed, she put a rubber on, lubed me throughly and fucked me doggy style. She started slow, since my ass hadn't been fucked much. She is about 7 inches, and not too thick, so once she got it in, she was able to pump me good. Once she finished, she turned me over, and gave me a nice cbj to completion. We talked some, and she didn't ruch me, but I had to get back to work.

    Overall, I was very happy with Lexus, she's very hot looking, and realy gets into fucking an old guy like me! I'm planning on seeing her again when she's in the area.

    Ok, go ahead and flame away. I'm comfortable enough with my manliness and sex life to give some info. UG has helped me in numorous ways, so I'd figure I'd give something back.
  16. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I think that based on past history here, we're lucky to be getting anything at all. What you don't see are the negative reponses which have been posted, deleted, and the posters banned as a result. Hopefully, over time, that will stop and the folks brave enough to write reviews will get a little more brave and write reviews which are a little more detailed. But face it, so far I think it's only been one or two guys who have written anything, and until some others join them and also write positive stuuf, it's going to be hard to convince them to go further out on the limb which they already inched a bit out on.
  17. its_mousey


    First of all, I'd like to say I'm glad that UG has afforded a section for such 'specialized' interests and that the UG community has been, for the most part, open-minded about it.

    Second, I commend those who freely post their TS/shemale experiences.

    However, when reading some of the TS reviews here, I can't help but notice that there's something missing. I mean some of the reviewers would get into vivid detail about the general appearance of the provider (hair, skin, makeup, boobs, etc) and even the ambiance of the meeting place, which is great for a review of a "genetic" or real girl. But it appears that the TS reviews are most notably silent about the one distinguishing feature that TS providers have: yep, their male genitalia and any activities that may have related thereto.

    Although some reviews make a passing reference as to the size of the genital or whether it got hard, most reviews simply omit any references. Due to such a conspicious omission, you'd think you're reading some ordinary review about some female provider.

    I'm not alone in noticing such omissions as evinced by the frequent query posted in reply to such reviews asking "so, did you suck cock" or "did you oral play"?

    Undoubtedly, there are guys out there who partake in TS sex w/o even touching or even thinking about the provider's genitals. They can simply get sucked and then bang away from behind w/o even thinking that inches from his own penis is another cock. Indeed, perhaps this ability to ignore the obvious allows them to partake in such activities in the first place.

    However, we all know that there are those who go well beyond this and fully take advantage of that one special feature that TS have. The reason for their omission is obvious: they're either afraid of rebuke or they're simply uncomfortable of talking about it.

    If you're the former - may I propose a humble suggestion: if you truly want to post a no-holds barred TS review, but afraid that you might sully your reputation, try posting under a different screename. In that case, you get to fully recount how you lived out your fantasy and we get the benefit of a full and uncensored review.

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