REV: 55 junction + Brooklyn incall

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by bigyi21, Jan 19, 2003.

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  1. sexpert


    The ST paper does have a website, but it doesnt have the advertising section.
  2. mrshinjuku


    read the boards and you'll learn it's just a Asian News paper. They may have a site.
  3. thedewman


    I am always looking for bargain - and willing to travel a little to save a few bucks. But what is the ST paper? Do they have a website?
  4. sexpert


    Re: mrshinjuku

    I know of 4 indies working out of the same exact area, all are in the ST paper, u cant miss it, its always the same headers in the area, 633 or 833 ....etc etc. All ask for a $ I like to haggle for the .8 since thats what they charge everyone else, its the way the world turns.
  5. carlitosdinero



    Dude any way I can get the #
  6. mrshinjuku


    Re: Brucelee...

    I do not believe there is any rotation whatsoever, just 1 person operation, Bejing Lady with probably tatooed eyebrows.

    Directs you to a location with a payphone to call her back. That's when she screens you.

    Get to her place and she lets you get yourself inside.

    Sits me on the living room couch. She is nervous.
    Asks me questions to feel me out, obviously thinking to herself yes or no.

    Takes me to the back, a small bedroom with pink lights.

    Frisking stage.

    Starts checking for LE gear all over me.

    I pass, so slippers, self shower, then she does while I wait.

    back to the room, lay on the bed, massage - no oil.
    still decent massage.

    Enters the bed with you, caps you... started with a brief pole swirling, it was okay.

    then she lays beside you, gave her the pillow while I see what she allowed.

    very sensitive nips to light biting and flicking, moans and some ab twitching, so

    ran fingers downtown, opened up and started brooming while still flicking up there.

    more eyes closed moans...

    downtown loosened up more and started getting noticably wet. noticed hips moving more..

    started ff with no objection, and she started pulsating her hips left to right, left to right, and her arms wrapped and tied around my back and squeezed real hard as I continued ff... moaning... she was into it.

    afterwards, rocked the boat for a long time, and when finished, she took a breath and waved her hand fanning her face, she was hot. har har....

    got herself up as i watched, and she went to the showerroom to cool off.


    i think i tipped .10 or .20 don't remember, but I was thanked.
  7. utopia69x


    Re: fashion store trail

    is this place still around as of now?
  8. BklynGuy


    Re: Massage on Coney Island Ave

    This place is now gone, it has been replaced by a Thai Massage place next door, same number (a little shadey??).

    Went there yesterday, OK massage not bad for the price stricly legit. I had to put on these weird scrub like shorts. relaxing but no extras.

    For the same money (Plus Tip) one could get HR on Nevins st (ny press ad "Downtown Massage near Fulton")
  9. kmxxbadboy


    Hey BigYi

    Hey Bigyi, I'm also part Korean. Glad to see that you're doing so much to further this hobby. I've been wondering a lot about these new Chinese places that open up all over the Queens boro. It seems as if they are the places to go these days with the value of the dollar not where it once was. I also wanted to ask you about your session with Sophia, as I would like to schedule with her as well. I don't know how old you are, but I'm sure to consider you a 'big brother' on this board.
  10. utopia69x



    say it ain't so... wish i knew where it was though.
  11. sexpert


    Kats place has been closed

    For the past week I have been driving by this place and I think they are either officially closed or on vacation. Does anyone know whether they are still in business? No US marshall stickers or locks on the doors.
  12. Excellent


    Went to Junction and saw 3 ladies. They were Short , medium and tall. Didn't consider any eyeopeners. Picked the tall one who I thought was the best of the lot. She wasn't too friendly. Try to start up some small talk but she didnt appear to be in the mood. I thought there was still hope for a good session when she did a good job during the cleaning phase. everything was fairly mechanical and quickly went through the routine beginning with a mediocre back rubbing with a towel. The asian was decent. Wouldn't allow any touching. squirmed when I touch her nipples. Jumped when I try reaching for her rear. What an attitude. Her name is Ruby.

    Anyone have any info on 4125 ? Saw advertised in World J.
  13. hobbymaster


    All the girls at junction has that expression all the time. It's really weird but maybe some one does owe them money.
  14. rycelover


    A sniffling cold is no fun

    I had some luck at 45 & Kissena the other night w/ Malay service and thought I would try my luck at 55 Junction.

    Went and checked this place out today. It's a long story, but what a disappointment. I got there around 6ish and drove and found the place w/o a problem. Got the scoop on which door it was. Walked in and mamasan and papasan were watching a chinese movie, but no girls. She said they were eating (serves me right for coming in at their dinner time!).

    Couple of minutes later down comes one of the girls. She looked HOT (Malay) - what ever descriptions I give will probably be meaningless b/c they change so often - about a 7-8 on the proverbial scale w/ nice B cups (could be padded, you never know). But her facial expression killed any chance I might have wanted to pick her. She was dangling a cigarette and had a real *sour* look on her face when she plopped skinny ass down on the battered sofa.

    Then came the Chinese one - she was big-boned - huge D cups (not my "cup of tea", if you will). One of my rules in selecting a provider is that she cannot come within 20 lbs of my own weight. I'm 170 lbs and she *appeared* to be close to 150, so I passed on her.

    Finally, the third one sauntered down and she looked cute - another Malay. 'Bout 5'2", nice ass and a small, but perky a-cups. For some strange reason, the minute I selected her I had an urge to change my mind and pick the 1st Malay girl. But I turned to look at her and she still looked as if someone owed her money (my chinese brothers should understand that expression). I went with my choice.

    We showered together and went into her room. She began to massage me but her skills were terrible - felt like she was kneading dough with my shoulders, digging deep into my flesh - daammnnn woman, watch those finger nails. Anyway it was a really half-assed attempt. Probably one of the worst massages I've ever gotten.

    To make things worse, as she was grinding her fingers into my back, she kept sniffling and wiping her nose with her forearm or a tissue. I asked her the obvious and she confirmed that she has a cold! CRAP, just what I needed. There's nothing worse than a provider who has a cold (except maybe one who's on the rag and forgot to tell you about it).

    I flipped over and she began to give me a bbbj. If you thought her massaging skills were bad, her technique w/ a bj is even worse. She would go down - that's only a figure of speech with her, b/c she wouldn't go more than 1/2 inch deep at a time - I could still see my own helmet! What made it worse was she would pause every 10 seconds and grab a tissue and wipe her nose and spit out saliva. She did that about four times.

    That was where I ended it and asked her to stop. I wanted to walk out totally and I know some of our UG brothers would have, but I didn't. You guys ever been in a position where you wanted to end a session b/c it wasn't going well? How does one politely say "I want to get the fuck out 'coz you really suck".

    In any event, she covered me up and we tried mish, but I was still getting turned off by her sniffling and constant reaching for that box of tissues. I tried to finish quickly but was still so turned off that I couldn't continue. She asked if I wanted her to "hit it out". She did. We showered & I left.

    I would probably return, but definitely not w/ that one again.
  15. sexpert


    Re: price list

    Ahhh! I see someone else has been to double lucky nails besides me on this board! LOL kabu didnt read the rules i guess, but he willl be back with a different name im sure! sad though 13 posts and already banned!
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    And all the time I thought it was the Latin posts that were pissing him off. (That or HvB's haikus.)
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    Was Slinky squinting and wearing his Clint hat when he typed that? ;)
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    Someone is in a real perky mood lately. Wonder why ??????????? :D
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    Go ahead............... answer his question....... make my day.
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    bot, chut, or gow?

    thx xclent, i'm narrowing it down i guess, but to me there are 3 ads with 686. if it's too much risk or whatever, dont reply, but what is the last digit, bot, chut or gow.