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Discussion in 'New York' started by logos28, Aug 23, 2001.

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  1. logos28


    As a novice lurker who has benefited from the wisdom accumulated on this board, I thought I'd return the favor and post a review about a very pleasant experience I had with Anya from Cutelittlepussycats the other night.

    After exchanging emails with April and speaking briefly on the phone, Anya arrived shortly after with a sweet smile on her face, despite the Himalayan climb up my elevator-less apartment building. While her picture gives a good indication of what to expect, Anya is definitely hotter in person. If you’re a connoisseur of naturally well-endowed women, you'll be in heaven. She has all the requisite skills, although i'm not sure about BBBJ. She is also very friendly and patient, and fulfilled my definition of a GFE. She took the time to talk for a while, and didn’t rush at all. She has a combination of innocence and sexiness which, imho, is highly erotic. Alas, being new to the field, my nervousness did hinder my enjoyment somewhat...but there's always next time. (note to self- hot girl + hot weather = air conditioning should be on high)

    I'm not sure if being a beginner makes me more less critical or less cynical, but for $$, Anya comes highly recommended.

    ...of course, as i've read the posts of others, i've wondered about the dilemma of writing positive reviews. If you find a provider who you really enjoy, isn't there an urge to not spread the word, if just to increase the odds that she will be available next time you call? hmm...oh well...enjoy...