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Discussion in 'New York' started by Jouer, Jan 27, 2003.

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  1. Jouer


    Went to Julies for the first time last week and saw Brianna. Kind of a funny story. I had hooked up with a friend that afternoon and was still horny. The friend had left so I decided that it must finally be time for a trip to Julies. :D

    Very painless experience for a first-timer. Screening was thorough, but I was not made to feel uncomfortable. Leo met me on the street to bring me over to their place and he was a trip. Very nice guy and very funny. Put me right at ease.

    Brianna herself was wonderful. She's been reviewed here many times before, but let me reiterate that she is a real sweetie. I had to wait for a few minutes when I first arrived, so I'm there sitting on the couch talking to the bird and out walks this tiny little cutie wrapped in a towel. I'm like "Oh please, let that be her." Of course it was and I got a big smile on my face. Also met Mika when I was there who is also quite hot.

    Brianna was very cool. Very petite and very thin. Very nice rack, but they are not real. That said, if you like them small and pretty, she is a good bet. Started with a BBBJ for a bit. Got frisky so I put on a cover and switched to cowgirl, then doggie, and finished with her mish. I was already pretty spent from my friend earlier that afternoon so I just chatted with Brianna for the remainder of the session. Very nice girl and she can hold a decent conversation. I definitely plan on seeing her again.
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