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    So I go to this new place about 2 weeks ago that’s been hitting CL lately touting Grand Opening prices, $60.00 for massage including a table shower. Place is in a office building off 6th Ave, 2nd floor facing the street 212-768-0606 . Everything is brand new, nice modern layout, reception area is clean, they do have security cameras going, looked like they had 5-6 massage rooms, with locks. Rooms are not the largest, about 10 by 6 but nice, standard CD player and dimmer lights. The shower room had a Jacuzzi bathtub as well as the table shower, again all looked new. Standard New Age background music was playing.

    I pay my 60.00 get undressed and put on the robe and in walks Candy, late 30s about 5”4” maybe 105 pounds 32A-22-28 but with nice puffy hard nipples, face is OK not a beauty, Engrish is decent, had black hair that went to her chin, don’t remember if it was up or not. Somewhat trimmed pussy, it wasn’t a forest but it was there. We head off to the TS, nice cleaning a little top aggressive with the washcloth on my ass crack and if you have a hemorrhoid problem I suggest you tell her, but she cleaned my cock and balls and ass very well.

    We head back to the room, she locked the door as soon as we were in put the music on and told me to lay face down. Right off the bat she asks if she can walk on my back, shes a lightweight so I gave her the OK and she proceeded to give me one of the hardest backwalks I ever had, she was working it hard for a good 15-20 minutes. She did hop off and went to a more traditional Swedish hard massage sans lubricant, not a great idea and I had to have her stop. Finally the sensual finger dragging starts, lights are dimmed and shes doing a nice job and I’m kinda daydreaming when she stops and I hear her pull up her shirt and then feel her nipples and hair across my back, a few brushes and I get “turn over please”.

    At this point she asks if I want special service, of course, and she asks if I’ll take care of her, of course, so she grabs some oil, lubes up my cock and starts a nice slow HJ. Since she had her shirt up I reached in and was playing with her nipples, not much in the tit department but the nipples were nice and big. Ever once in a while I’d go down and feel her cunt OTC, but as usual it wasn’t working for me and after 10 minutes she asks me if I can cum. I tell her my problem and ask if I can play with her pussy, she gives me the “don’t tell boss I do this” and pulls down her pants to reveal a white laced thong and she bends over ass facing me and lets me play with her wet cunt while she jerks me. I stick my thumb in her and play with her clit and finally cum, she continued to get every drop until I told her to stop, very nice indeed .

    She trys to fix her bra but cant so I hook her, and she goes to get a hot towel for the cleanup. She cleans me up and again gives me the “don’t tell boss I do this” so I don’t but she didn’t say anything about anybody else. She wasn’t that talkative but we had a few laughs and I found out where she lives. Total time was 65 minutes, tipped her 80.00 which she thanked me for and told me to ask for her when I come back. Special door price of 60.00 plus 80.00 tip for a total of 140.00. I will repeat with her, somehow I got the feeling more is there for regulars. YMMV and standard disclaimer and caveats apply.

    FYI when I left I walked across the street and had to make a call, I looked up and you had a partial view of the waiting room. Special 60.00 price apparently running till the end of the month.