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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by BennyHill, Nov 6, 2001.

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  1. hobo1


    Looking for Gaberella of nirvana

  2. hazmat



    My Apologies also ..this will be my last Memory Lane update :

    I loved Sherry...used to work one day a week at most for extra the time was one of the only BBBJ available there.

    Very smart and well spoken young woman..almost did not fit in there..

    My all time fave..that's tough...toss up between Camilla, Casey, and Gina the gorgeous Dominican/Peurto Rican girl...fantastic lady.

    That's back to reality...the benefit of the hobby is surely twofold , the obvious physical gratification thing and later on in life when we get very old we will not be sorry we didn't partake in some of lifes best pleasures.

    That's all I have to we just need the market and economy to shake these doldrums !
  3. oldtimer2



    Apoligies to everyone else for this rather wastefull trip down memory lane.

    Vanna, you are right. When I first started going to Pines, the were in the old place that had the fire, there was no sign of George, and I always saw Vanna. She did an interesting session.
    I don't remember Camilla, but she sounds good.
    How about, Sherry, very light skinned lady from Jamaica who worked as a flight attendent for Continental. She was very sweet.
  4. hazmat



    Oldtimer :

    I indeed has several sessions with Ann (vey wild)..she had the best nipples on the planet (must have been 2 inches long).

    As for George's girlfriend I am not sure who you it Vanna who runs the other place for him ?

    In the early days he used to force freebies form some of the girls ..very sleazy..I remember a cure redhead named Ashley who once had to postpone our session cause she had to "take care of George"...she was quite disgusted. It wasn't that the act disgusted her but the fact he would not offer any payola for it !

    Those were tha days...hey did you ever experience Camilla..sweet Brazilian girl with blonde hair...perhaps one of the best performers there for a while !
  5. BennyHill



    I am insulted, yes i did come here at one point and read a bunch of posts, i didnt go to Pines and post 12 hours later about a bunch of girls, i have been a hobbiest for some time now

    I first started when me and a friend walked into Tropical Touch in Long Branch, once i saw Haley i was hooked on the massage scene forever, she was aweome and i would always look for her red sports car

    I then began to try some new places including Tropical Touch for other girls once Haley left, for the most part it was hit or miss

    Then for some reason i gave Nirvana a call and asked who was working, once i heard the name Haley, i made an appointmet for that night.

    I frequented Nirvana for some time and sometimes tried an occasional new girl, i was dissapointed most of the time as fat and old are not the most pleasing and george has alot of that

    Once Haley left i began to try new joints, i tried MTC, tried Pines, tried Stress Center and a few other places, most of the time was a dissapointment

    I then found out about Ultima 101 in Lodi, this place was heaven, i can write a whole book on this place, i went almost every fri or sat for their dance party, i also made some appointments for a few of the better girls. Once Ultima was closed i was depressed and it took a while to go somewhere new

    So i went back to Pines and Nirvana a few times, every time i was upset with the quality of the ladies that i had recieved, old, fat, and unwilling to please. Then one night i went in and dominique walked in, alot of people have said negative things about her, but i loved her sessions, she always tried to please and i loved that slutty italian look about her, once she left for MTC i went a few times but the $$ was a little to steep from what i paid at Pines/Nirvana

    So now i was back to square one, and didnt want to get shafted with the typical fat old ladies once again, so i went a few times and picked from what i saw, if i didnt like what i saw i left, i did this several times before i found a few keepers, and if i went and saw some hot ones lounging around or walking i would always ask what their names were and made sure to see them next time

    So now i can recomend Lisa, Casey, and Chris as my fav's

    Casey is not the same one that is being spoken about, she is a cross between oriental and spanish looking, hot body and big fake tits

    Now i have also visited Oriental Therapy on Easton Ave and found good results as well, i will post a review eventually

    I am just looking to get some honest reviews and thats all i have posted myself

    Sorry about the long drawn out post, and i really dont feel the need to prove myself but what the hell
  6. Bobbycat


    Re: self posts

    You Know I said the same exact thing about Bennyhill about a month ago, he started the same exact thread, boasting about how pretty this girl was and then giving a quick review of all the other girls in the place, although he had previously stated that it was his first time visiting the board, and that , he stayed up all nite reading the reviews and on our post he decided to go in and pay pines a visit. Then returning with in a 12hr period to post on not only the girl mention above but on several other girls, I did state that it was an ovious self post, and was actually insulted by the assult on my intellingence, but when I went to report the post to board mediators it was quitely deleted.

    As stated bennyhill is so transparent it would only take a blind man not to see thru him and his emaculate post of a bunch of fat, unattractive, begrudgent, nonenglish speaking, mechanical massuses. I feel that is the reason he feels a need to keep rehashing the one true beauty he may have had in his stable at one time, including the play on names (casey) first coming out with his revelation of this new girl at his place, then starting another thread about how great the old girl was and where is she now so sme unexpecting hobbiest will come along and state oh yeah she is at pines, dont did you guys not notice the play on names that the two girls happens to have the same name as one of, his only and all time favorites casey, Question is the new Casey even american, and does she offer the same clear, coherent conversation as the original Casey, or can she only say hi and 100 dollars?
  7. oldtimer2


    More Old Pines

    Did you ever do Anne or George's Girlfriend whose name escapes me (oldtimer)
  8. hazmat


    Casey / Haley

    Casey was the slim blonde (I knew her pre-enhancements) who did have a car accident.

    Haley was also a slim blonde (drove a red sports car..that's how I knew she was working..would drive past and look for her car)

    Haley was there about 1 1/2 years after Casey had been long gone.

    Jeez..I miss them both..

    On my first visit with Casey..she proclaimed "I can swallow anything.."

    She was great for opening the place up for my 7 AM pre-work wake up session..

    Those were the I sit home and watch my portfolio shrink...times have changed.
  9. oldtimer2


    Haley - Casey

    George told me that the girl I knew as Casey had a car accident and married the doctor. Are we talking about the same woman? Short, thin, pretty blonde. Said she lived by the shore. Gave incredible head... How come I don't remember Haley? There was a Haley at Body Care Center in Franklin that loved Greek, but I can't seem to place a Haley at The Pines
  10. xbanker


    [wish i new what happened to her heard she married a customer]

    Seems like it takes a HALEY thread to draw me out of lurk mode.

    I had heard from a few of the girls at Pines that Haley married a customer and had a baby..but recently I heard a more "PRETTY WOMEN" version of the story: FWIW, the story basically was that Haley got into a bad car crash, and wound up marrying the the doctor that patched her up.

  11. lordruvane


    Re: Not who you think it is

    [and found Haley, and then followed her to Nirvana after i called and asked who was working one night and when i heard Haley it hought it was too good to be true

    I too loved and now miss Haley. wish i new what happened to her heard she married a customer. the only girl ever to give me her real name and #. we used to talk then puff gone. ill try your recomendations soon.
  12. oldtimer2


    Not George

    I really don't think that is George. He just doesn't sound like that. I have known George for a real long time, and he is quite a character. It's like he walked out of a Daymon Runyon novel.

    The funny thing about this Casey is that about 3-4 years ago there was an incredible girl named Casy at Pines. She gave the one of the best BBBJ I have ever had, and she loved to rim. I was totally adicted to her and would sometimes see her twice a week. Sadly, she left, never to return. There was also Anne who was this bored housewife who came in for fun and would do anything.

    Pines is a funny place, Geroge always imports these Hispanics from Colombia that can barely talk, and in my opinion are terrible (real "hello sailor" types). Then ocassionally he gets in a solid girl-next-door American and it's incredible. If you get to know George, he always gives great advice.

    Lately I've traied Paula who gives a decent rim job or asian.
  13. BennyHill


    Not who you think it is

    Actually no i am not George, just a long time massage junkie who has been fairly lucky with Pines and Nirvana, now that i have some tricks up my sleeve

    In the past i got stuck with soem of the lesser talent and was very unhappy so i kinda worked out a system and never get stuck with the older worn out fat beat up woemn that sometimes George has

    I have been a Junkie since the first time i went to tropical Touch in Long Brancg and found Haley, and then followed her to Nirvana after i called and asked who was working one night and when i heard Haley it hought it was too good to be true

    I was also a huge fan of Ultima when it was around, was a huge fan of Tabatha

    There is not many decent girls around out there without the hassles so Casey, Chris, and Lisa are without a doubt my 3 Favs
  14. lordruvane


    self posts

    not to acuse anybody of ever doing this, but would just like to give my opion on selfpost. they are not nessacerly bad in there intent or use. they let you know what to expect of a proveder or mp. they our probably acurate as to the services and prices to be expected and can usally be spotted for what they our amile away. i doubt they our there to rip anybody of but more as to say here we our this is what we can do for you and this is how much it will cost. and im sure if benny is who i think he is. he is a very nice manager and just trying to get back some busness after the bad press. dont flame him guys
  15. tekwrek


    Saw Casey this evening

    Usually don't get to see Casey because of our schedules (she works during the week), but got a chance to stop by tonight.
    The first time I was with Casey was when she first started. I could barely walk out that night. If I was younger and single(when I had long curly hair and was 30 lbs lighter), I would have asked her to marry me.
    Unfortunately her friend had visited her so there was a limited menu this time but she promised me her no's would be back to yes next time. I am sure she wrote it on my card, so I will be sure to call ahead and ask for her next time. After all, she does owe me.
    One of these days, I am going to ask to go 2 rounds with her. Her eyes are so sensual I can never control myself for long but she turns me on so much, she is one of the few that I wouldn't need to take a break between rounds.
    She is not a GFE (at least not with me, YMMV), but then again, not many GF's look like Casey.
  16. Thorn


  17. Crazyphingers



    Can you let me know where this Pines place is, I have seen it mentioned before and you post has made me want to check it out. Especially for that price!
  18. BennyHill


    As a new visitor to this board i pretty much stayed up all last night and read through every post, i didnt even save anything for a rainy day

    Based on what I read i went to visit Casey at Pines, now I am a frequent visitor to Pines and Nirvanna, and after getting some fat ugly chicks several times i stopped making appointemnts and just show up and pick what is available, this assures me i will not be dissapointed

    Some of my favs are
    Lisa- hot hot body, very willing to please
    Sondra- hot body but very cold and rushed, still good though
    Milli- ok body, cute, young and eager
    Monique- Very willing to please, not a clock watcher, loves DATY, (no longer working)
    Chris and Jasmine- ok in looks and body but BBBJ
    Patricia very willing to please, finnishes off with a mutual shower together ( dont know if still there)

    So I called and casey was working today, so i just walked in, no appointment , i did see another cute girl with a nice body sitting watching TV but didnt get her name

    My first impression of Caey was WOW what a sick body, she was a hispanic oriental mix with straight blond hair, very pretty exotic face

    Started with a nice powder rub, worked me head to toe, very nice and relaxing, hit all body parts, wasnt rushed and wasnt to hard, actually felt good

    Turned over and requested FS, i couldnt wait to see her naked and i was not disapointed, sick sick body, nice fake tits, but done very well and a nice firm ass

    I asked to DATY was was told she doesnt partake, was upset about that but the fun began none the less

    recieved a CBJ and FS, for $, very very reasonable price, $.6 at the door for a very cheap date

    I actually like the early bird special at Nirvanna, $.4 before 11am, that extra money i usually pass along to the girl

    I defintly will be back to see Casey,and hopefully some body else can contribute about the hotter girls that George has