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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by homer simpson, Nov 11, 2001.

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  1. ryan


    I'm almost certain I saw this same girl at JCW almost a year ago. In her 20s, blonde hair, tattoos and nice natural chest. At the time she said she also worked at the Stress Center in Edison. And her name was Cleo.

    She is Bosnian. Cute friendly girl. Personally I'd put her more in the 7-8 range. Too many tattoos for me. I recall my session was just OK as she was not very intimate or sensual even though she agreed to speak a little russian.
  2. homer simpson

    homer simpson

    Tonite I decided to check out First Stop - located in the Brunswick Woods complex off of Summerhill Road in East Brunswick.

    My attendant was Cleo - I'd say she was an 8.5/9. In her 20s, Blonde hair brown eyes, cute accent (but I couldn't tell if it was european or spanish - didn't ask). Anyway - we decided on to go au natural for a HR for $. (she said they don't offer anything more.... ) She has some tatoos on her arms (one of the rock band Korn) and stomach. Great firm perky full B's. I really enjoyed her technique and she was good to talk to. I was kinda hoping for a FS tonite...
    Anyway Cleo only works on Sunday and she also said she used to work somewhere in Edison before... Stress Center or something (not MTC tho).