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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by occasionalhobbyist, Sep 10, 2001.

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  1. I've gone three or four times to Charms/Corporate Secrets. I know it's been reviewed before, but figured I'd contribute to the collective's wisdom.

    In the past, I've been to the Charm's apt. , which is on Park in the low 40s. Nice place. Little. Seems like a pre-war building, small rooms with high ceilings. The treatment is a 50-minute rub and tug with a "sensual" agenda. Not bad if you're satisfied with a little mutual touching and a pretty good hr finish. More than that will probably be futile, although more skilled than I are welcome to try. The girls disrobe and are generally pretty attractive. I'd put them in the "wouldn't kick 'em out of bed for eating crackers" category.

    Last Fri. went to Corporate Secrets, sister site near 36th and Madison. Got the treatment from Bobbie, who was pretty, nicely built. Good curves and a pierced belly button. This time, went with a 30-minute session. Cost $140. Nicer digs, with high ceilings and a big sheet closing off the massage table.

    This is purely a matter of choice. I have days where a hr is what I'm interested in. I know someone asked about a 2d cup and I have no idea; I would tend to think not. But the girls are more attractive than the avg. MP and I've found them to be good conversationalists. (Not a euphemism, by the way. No "languages" spoken, to my knowledge).

    If someone else has had more luck with these gals, let me know your tips. In the meantime, a pleasant HR experience when you're in the mood, provided you can spare the change.