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Discussion in 'New York' started by nycguy1967, Dec 13, 2001.

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  1. RoosterC74




    Welcome to the Hat Trick Club!
  2. lotsafun


    Domino Rocks!

    I've had the pleasure of Domino's company about a half-dozen times over the last few years. What an amazing woman. One time we were doing doggy and she pulls it out of her pussy and shoves it up her ass. Another time she was on top and pulled up and me out and then stuck me up her ass! the last time she did a triple, three BBBJTC and swallows. Amazing woman.
  3. popeye




    Thanks for appreciating the humor in my woe-begotten story; I know that I laugh myself silly whenever I remember the look on the Doctor’s face prior to the infamous examination. Mind you, if I ever saw the bloke again I would knock his bloody head off!!! But he did pull a good one on me, and it has kept me away from emergency wards….

    Happy Hunting….
  4. sammyfantastic


    PopEye, excellent choice of words!

    "Unfortunately, on one of the two occasions the doctor examining me did not like my use of the emergency ward as my personal STD clinic. Luckily I tested negative for everything, but he insisted on checking my prostrate- because one never knows. I still can’t believe he wanted to check the prostrate of a 23 year old kid!!!!!"

    I was LMAO! "Be careful of what you ask, because you may get more than what you bargained for." How true is that in your case!

    Look at the bright side, at least she was an attractive/pretty girl, instead of a saddistic butch. Good for you that you can laugh at the experience now. And thanks for sending us some laughter 2!
  5. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I taught her some Greek, LOL.

    For the record, I've never let anyone, including doctors, stick anything in my butt. Ouch!

    Even Asian would freak me out.
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  6. popeye


    prostrate exams

    My first and only prostrate exam to date was conducted by an attractive Japanese Physicians Assistant at the Kingsbrook Medical center. During my college years, whenever I was nervous about catching something from a coed, because of aching testicles or whatever, I would go to the emergency ward- I used to be extremely paranoid until I learned to play safer. Luckily I only had to visit the emergency room on two occasions and both times I got a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, on one of the two occasions the doctor examining me did not like my use of the emergency ward as my personal STD clinic. Luckily I tested negative for everything, but he insisted on checking my prostrate- because one never knows. I still can’t believe he wanted to check the prostrate of a 23 year old kid!!!!!

    While this doctor was checking me out and doing all the necessary exams I was flirting with his PA, a pretty Japanese woman. Guess who winds up giving me the prostrate exam under the supervision of the Doctor? First, the Doctor performs the probe, and says he is not certain but it feels fine. Then he asked the Japanese chick to have a go, and then asks her to go deeper and twirl her fingers around up there, to get a good feel of a healthy prostrate. I had never felt so defiled. It was so traumatic for me that I have never had my prostrate checked since then. After the doctor left the exam room the Japanese girl kept looking at me like she was sorry for what transpired. But I just couldn’t look her in the face after what I just went through with her.

    I have gay friends, and am kewl with their selected lifestyle. However, for me I am confident of my heterosexuality and do not judge what turns others on. For those who enjoy prostrate exams more power to them, it is just one of those things I know I’ll never be into. Besides, I do laugh whenever I think of this experience. Since I had never had such an exam prior to this experience and had no idea why the doctor was smiling as he brought out the jar of lubricant and snapped on the rubber gloves. How naïve I was….

    Happy holidays all !!!!
  7. jras


    billyS, she isn't svelte but I think luv2play might be referring to her, er, capacity. Remember, this is the gal that took Bill Furniture to Greece! <LOL>
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  8. billyS



    The picture of Domino on Julies site doesn't look real. Is that what she really looks like? So let me get this straight, Your fucking her and then she jams a finger up your ass? And it feels good? A tongue is one thing but a finger? I recently had a doctor test my prostrate, rubber gloves and KY, and it wasn't fun. I don't see how homo's like having a dick shoved up there. Luv2play are you suggesting Domino is fat. Your post reminds me of the punch line of a famous joke I heard back in 6th grade.
  9. luv2play


    Yea, Domino was great....NYC guy-you didn't happen to find a set of car key's...did you?
  10. jgd


    I had a couple of similar experiences with Domino, but never a hat trick. Way to go !!!
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  11. Monk


    I haven't seen her for a while. Glad to know she hasn't lost her flare for, uhum, well, you know...

    [You'd think that, after a while -- and she's been there for a bit now -- she'd start to slow down.]
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  12. nypete


    speaking of Domino, has anyone seen her for a double? Who does she pair up with?
  13. nycguy1967


    Sammy you're right . . .

    the prostate is strictly a male gland, but I was really searching for a more poetic way of saying that we were both three knuckles deep in the back door!

    As for the vitamins - - just a regular multi- vitamin (Costco brand actually) seems to have improved my general well being and stamina! Granted I take two a day, 'cause I eat really crappy the rest of the time, so I get "negative" nutrition normally!
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  14. Ezrlove


    to put it blunt, its a finger in your ass. Bridgette (formerly of Julies) gave the best prostate/asian that I have ever received.
  15. sammyfantastic


    Uh, Mutual Prostae Massage?

    I thought only guys have prostates. What the heck is prostate massage anyway? I can't find it in acronyms and definitions.
  16. RoosterC74


    What About Those Vitamins?


    Can you please, please, tell this "Old Rooster" what those vitamins are that you are taking? Two has been my limit for the past 15 years.
  17. Daty


    NYC Guy,

    Ok, I'm impressed, tell me more about those vitamin supplements.
    By the way, great review.
  18. nycguy1967


    I arrived a Julie's last night not having reserved my companion for the evening. Melly brought me into the living room where Giovanna, Lola, and Domino we waiting. I decided against Lola (the pregnancy thing weirds me out) and my last visit had been a double with Giovanna and Maggie, so I wanted to try something new. Having not had enough of a workout at the gym, I thought I'd sample the Domino's special.

    Reviews of Domino are accurate in that she is not the youngest in Julie's stable (in her late 30's) and not a tight body, by far, but she is not fat. She is very personable, comfortable and chatty, although it is sometimes difficult to understand her russian accent.

    To say this gal is active and vocal is an understatement! All the while she was progressively whispering, mummbling, talking and almost screaming her approval if what I was doing.

    We started with some very active DFK, licking and sucking, moving to DATY. My turn: BBBJTC. Deep throat and asian with prostate massage. She took it like a champ, ( did she swallow some? she may have . . .) and even ended up with a painted face.

    A few minutes rest and we were at it again. DATY, BBBJ to FS. Started from mish, and then moved to a side straddle position, me on top, where I gave her a prostate massage. We held this position long after climax.

    Resting again, we started another round. BBBJ, asian, prostate massage, FS. this time we went reverse cowgirl with mutual prostate massage. Changed to doggie, with my continued finger insertion in her alternate entrance and finished together there.

    That's right fellows this was a hat trick hour!! Trifecta!! I was very impressed with myself!!! Those vitamin supplements really work!

    This was a very active session, and I was pretty well tuckered out when we were done. A definite PSE with a lady who knows what she likes, and is not afraid to let it be known. I think we broke the bed!