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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by rycelover, Aug 25, 2001.

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  1. pinga


    Nickel's has the same setup as Barton's with the lapdance rooms on the second floor. Also, seems the girls shift between the 2 places
  2. pinga


    Nickel's has the same setup as Barton's with the lapdance rooms on the second floor. Also, seems the girls shift between the 2 places
  3. un4given


    Well, i did explain my system, so feel free to convert to a more standard one using my description (according to the nycstripclub one both my 4 and my 5 for milage would yield a 10).
    How about some more reviews of DB ladies?
  4. thelastone


    rating system...

    nycstripclubs has been using a rating system for quite a while. It has served us fairly well over the past year or so since its inception. Its based on 1-10 with halves for the users discretion. I might suggest this method since it is "tried and true".

    You can access the scale from here:



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  5. un4given


    sure just multiply my ratings by 2, and put a side note that the precision error is +-1 point, not 0.5:)
  6. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    The 5 star system is good, but since alot of posters on various boards rate girls on a 1-10 scale, maybe that would be better? :)
  7. un4given


    Yes thats one of the last great spots in NYC. Actually $10 goes to the dancer, $10 to the house for the private rooms:).

    Has anyone been turned down or quoted a rediculously high price for extras by dancers there? I had been stickin to my regular ones, afraid of getting lemons. A friend once told me a dancer took his $20 to get a ticket and then claimed she didnt.

    I am not sure if a frank discussion of extras is a good idea (slink, ur the mod, its your call). So... maybe we can start a rating system for dancers at the club (1 to 5, 5 being the best). Ill start:

    description -- the older, tall, thin asian lady
    looks -- 3
    attitude -- 5
    milage -- 5 (1 = airdance, 2 = bump and grind, 3 = can use a pepper grinder, 4= knows how to use a straw, 5= can ride a horse, + for dfk)
    price -- 4 (1 is expensive, 5 is cheap-o)

    Peaches (wonder if she is still there? she mentioned that she was leaving):
    description -- very young looking spanish chick, short, relatively thin, likes to dance offstage and laugh.
    looks -- 4
    attitude -- 4
    milage -- 3+ (but as of a month ago, someone reviewed a 4).
    price -- 4

    who's next?

    -- un4given (i am leaving hushmail for good!)

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  8. rycelover


    Had a chance to visit this place for the first time recently - and went back a second time. This is a review of both visits. The place is located in LIC, Queens. Couple of blocks east of Queens Plaza for #7 and N trains (or Queensboro Plaza for R,G,E,F). Both times there was no cover - it was earily, around 7:30 pm on weekdays. There's one main stage in the middle of room; quite large with four poles. Dancers are mainly "women of coloure" and latina sistas. Mostly 3-6s with one or two 7-8 thrown in. Actually, some of the waitresses are not bad, dunno if they participate in the festivities.

    Dunno about drink prices (had Cokes both times $6 + tip). Didn't see any $1 tipping as girls weren't really putting on any kind of shows. What's really interesting is the private rooms. Here's the lowdown: $20 for 5 mins, $40 for 10 and $60 for 15 mins. Entire fee goes to house - dancer works on tips alone. Once in the rear, there about five or six rooms each with own door (careful, one dancer told me they don't have any locks on them, so sit with chair against door to prevent accidental exposure). Once inside room is when things get interesting. Dancer would inquire about your desires for "extras". (Not sure about posting etiquette here yet, therefore, I won't devulge any details about extras at mainstream SC, until I get "ok" from moderator of board or flammed into damnation). Once price is negotiated, sit back and relax.

    Had very satisfying time on both occasions. Key to this place is to be patient and wait for that one 7 or 8 to emerge and then pounce. Otherwise, the girls are pretty slim-pickin's, with one or two real heffers.

    Enjoy the ride.