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Discussion in 'New York' started by Monk, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. justlooking


    Yeah. I think now she's calling herself Sammy.
  2. Monk


    Anyone know what's happened to her? She used to visit every six to eight weeks, but in the past few months she's disappeared. When I last saw her, she was talking about having photos taken for a Web site. Did she change her name once she put up the Web site or something?
  3. ownif2



    Her reviews on another site all pretty much suck. Maybe she turns it on for NY'ers...

    But based on her pics, this review and Charlies review, I'd hit her in a NY Minute!
  4. Monk


    Oops, $400 was right. I was distracted by something at work.
  5. Monk


    No, $350
  6. beadman


    $400 a hour.
  7. firecracker


    For some more $$$, I bet you would have.
  8. ChuckUFarlie


    Monk, excellent review. Sounds to me you've had a similar experience as I've had. I posted a review also. She worked me the same way. Similar questions and lots of dirty talk. It works for her. I wish she didn't grab for my cock and feel me up as I'm leaving. I like to leave a place limp.

  9. thecat

    thecat No Alternative

    wow, that was a hot review..........damages?
  10. Monk


    Now I don’t have a “Sex In The City” coffee klatch of buddies with whom I discuss my sexual exploits in detail. Except for these occasional postings and discussions, my sexual fantasies and predilections are my own. I don’t even spend time on a shrink’s couch each week exploring the deepest, darkest recesses of my dirty little mind. So the opportunity to verbalize my sexual fantasies doesn’t come up much.

    This preface to my review of Jenna should serve notice that she’s not your typical provider. There are lots of reviews of her around. My observation, my addition to the Jenna literature, is simple this: she’s the ultimate tease. And I mean this in the most positive way possible.

    Some providers tease you and never deliver. The tease is about all you’ll get, and you feel ripped off afterwards. Not so with Jenna. Her tease is a mind game, no question. And she’s an expert. But the tease becomes a seamless part of her technique as she probes, both verbally, emotionally and physically, to push the right buttons and bring you pleasure.

    She’s a traveling provider, based in Florida, (703 area code) who visits the city about once a month. Her ad can be found on Eros, and she’s widely reviewed. Although I believe the ad says that she’s 19, my guess is that she’s in her early 20s (especially since the reviews confirm that she started at an agency and is an indie now). Thin, with a perky B cup, long straight light brown hair with blonde streaks, she’s the epitome of the sexy, petite young thing. Best of all, however, is her mischievous little smile and gorgeous green eyes and a “fuck me” look that could seduce you from across a room. A very large room.

    She works with a guy, Steve, who answers her phone and sets up her appointments. They seem to travel together. Typical two-call set up, although they did ask for the last four digits of my Driver’s License (a first for me). Upscale Manhattan hotel on a high floor with a great view (curtains were open).

    From the minute I walked into the room, Jenna was present and focused on entertaining me. Completely self confident and comfortable with her line of work, she strikes a comfortable balance between the young, innocent and the purposeful professional. She was casually dressed in a silk camisole and jeans. Strategically placed (maybe or maybe not?) on the counter of the bar (it was a nice, spacious hotel room) were her bra and panties (and, sure enough, she turned out not to be wearing either). She’s a B cup, so her tits weren’t bouncing around, exactly, but you could easily see her nipples through the silk. Once we took care of business, I sat down on a chair and we began to talk. Immediately, she put me at ease, but we didn’t dilly dally around. In no time her hands were all over me, caressing my face and hair. Next thing I knew she was unzipping my pants and reaching for my member. On her face was a dirty, mischievous smile — a look I got to know fast. She was up to something, and it was something wonderful. My only disappointment in the whole session was that there was no DFK — light, teasing kisses seem to be her specialty.

    Jenna’s technique is to ask a lot of probing, personal questions — about your sexual likes and dislikes, about whether you do this or that with your wife or girlfriend, about whether she could join the two of you in a threesome, etc. It’s all very calculated as she probes to find out what turns you on. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not all talk. In fact, it’s mostly action.

    Her BBBJ was better than average, but by no means the best that I’ve had. It was wet and dirty, and she used her big, beautiful eyes to their best advantage. But Jenna is a girl who likes to fuck and fucks well. And, if you’ve read my past reviews, that’s just fine with me. She’s light, agile and bouncy, which makes cowgirl a natural for her. We tried a variety of positions, slowing down from time to time to chat as she tried to put another sexual fantasy in my mind to get me going yet again. There’s no theatrics, no false moaning or corny “hot talk”. She talks dirty, but its in a fun, teasing and natural way that serves to enhance the session (rather than detract from it). Despite her petite stature, she’s was strong enough to hold me down at times.

    Throughout the entire session, she was present, live, paying attention, responding, eliciting responses. She put me at ease, and there was that level of unpredictability that takes a good session and elevates it to great. After we were done we chatted some more, then shared a shower. And the teasing didn’t end. Before I left, she started feeling me up with my clothes on – I imagine in an effort to leave me wanting more.

    Calculated? Sure. Manipulative. Of course. But I’m more than willing to go along for the ride if the ride is as good as Jenna’s.